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A bully in the making?

I am very worried about my little one’s behaviour. She is adorable, friendly and usually listens to what we tell her to do. At the same time she is aggressive, is short-tempered and loves bullying. My SIL’s daughter is a month younger to Sunshine and is a quiet child. Now my dear Miss Little Sunshine loves her little sis but equally loves to pull her hair. So much so that we don’t leave both of them alone in each other’s company. I don’t know how to make her behave. It is not about being an embarrassment. It is more about Sunshine hurting the other child. We have tried different methods to make her see reason. Love, scolding, staring till looks could kill her, yelling…. Every rule in the book has been tried so far. She has this great fascination for pulling kid’s hair, and literally with all her force, using both her hands. Also, she doesn’t like to share anything with this little cousin of hers. She will snatch everything from her hand. I worry if she will be like this even when she enters kindergarten? How can I make her understand and develop love and compassion for the other kid? Any answers!!!


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A helping hand

My Miss Little Sunshine loves helping out. A recently acquired trait, this 16-month-old is ever ready with an expression I-can-do-it-for-you. SO today she was feeding me breakfast. It is another matter that the floor was the recipient of half the food. She insists on dusting and scrubbing the floor. Give her a piece of cloth and she will roam around the house wiping tables and scrubbing floor. Also, when we finish our food, she takes our plates and hands it over to the maid in the kitchen. Also, will fetch a thing or two if she understands what we are asking for. Her vocabulary seems to be improving and now she speaks sentences using 3-4 words.
She identifies our phones, car keys and almost everything that we usually carry around. So mama’s bag is handed over to me only, if her dad’s cellphone is ringing she will run and fetch it for him. She will not hand me the phone. Also, since he drives car keys are his not mine 😦
And anyone who disappears from her eyesight has gone to ophice (office). Be it her dad or the dog on the street. Even dogs go to office!!!!.

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Marriage and friendship

Do women cease to exist as individuals after marriage? Is it always the ‘couple’ and ‘family’ that comes into picture when we talk about partying, vacation and catching-up? I fail to understand why do many of my girlfriends suddenly became busy after their marriage. I am a working mom of a hyperactive 16-month baby and yet I enjoy catching up with friends, would take out time to meet them (without ‘family) and would love to go on a all-girls-holiday. It makes no sense to me when one of my friend who hasn’t got the time in 16 months to visit my baby because she seems to be ‘paralytic without her husband’. Every now and then when I call her she says she will make the plan with her husband and come to meet the baby. Now, she is a journalist who can travel to the remotest corner of the city without much trouble. I understand that both of them may want to meet my Miss Little Sunshine but that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit her twice. Now, she tells me her husband is out of town for 15 days so she will get the time to meet me. Hallelujah, am honoured!!!! And this is not a one-off case. I have seen so many of my friends entering a cocoon after their marriage. What has marriage got to do with keeping in touch with friends? Does ‘I’ take a backseat and ‘friends’ are completely to be ignored after marraige?

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Honesty Matters

One of my favourite blogger MM has made me write this post. After reading her blog, I was left wondering how good an idiea it is to be brutally honest on your blog. Is it important that I have to reveal every facet of my personality. I salute MM for having the guts to be an open book. I would rather be in my shell and make off-and-on apperances as far as my personality is concerned. This blog tries to keep an update of my Miss Little Sunshine’s milestones and whatever crosses the path. I guess neither do I feel the need nor do I have the courage to be stark naked on my blog.

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Predictions go wrong

When I was pregnant, everyone around told me that I am going to deliver a boy. Every Tulsi, Daisy and Heera had an opinion on my preggy state. They said how my tummy was round and huge and that it is a sign of baby boy. They told me that with girls the tummy doesn’t grow so big and also it points towards your toes. Well, so much prediction from all quarters that me and hubs believed it. So we made a dictionary of boy’s names. So convinced we were. And we always wanted a baby girl, so there was not so much tempo about choosing names. Once a friend even remarked, “You guys don’t seem to be excited about becoming parents.” Not correct, but though we wanted a healthy baby above everything else, yet the desire for a girl was very strong. So, when I was taken to the operation theatre (yeah, I had a C-sec—another day, another post on it) and the result was out in 30 minutes, I asked my gyneac how’s the baby. “It’s a girl”, she said. I could not believe my luck, so I asked again, “Are you sure?” And she replied yes a healthy baby girl. So, my Miss Little Sunshine entered our lives when she was least expected. And, I have a feeling that there are many more unexpected things from her waiting to be unfolded.

A week after one of the “auntiji” who confidently said I am having a baby boy asked me so what’s the outcome. I told her “I am blessed with a girl” and she muttered “Sorry”. I felt like smacking her face and asked her in not-so-polite way what was sorry about having a girl. She fumbled and said “Oh, I was just apologising for my prediction going wrong.” WTF, did I give two hoots to what she predicted?

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My Miss Little Sunshine

Yeah, she turns 16 months today. Another milestone!!!. I wonder how long will I be keeping tab of her milestones. Well, 16 is a special number. How will she be when she is sweet 16. As of now, she is a bundle of energy at 16 months.


My adorable cute little thing has started saying three word sentences, understands most part of the conversation and expresses her opinion strongly. She nods her head vehemently while saying no and yes is another strong head banging thing.


The cutest part is when she calls me lovingly ‘mamu’ or ‘mamaji’ Otherwoise it’s always mamaaaaa or mummmyyyyy. Only when she is in an indulgent mood does she bless me with those sweet little words. She calls her dad by his name, the way I address him. At times she calls papa as well. Her mamu (my brother) is always addressed by his first name and she thoroughly enjoys taking his name.


She has also started running ands its cute the way she runs d way Donald duck does. It is her favourite activity when she is in a cheerful mood. When upset, she doesn’t mind throwing a fit.


Naughty is an understatement for her. She is turning to be a bully who is not worried about pulling hair, especially to provoke reaction from others. I am worried at times about her bullying. Especially when her target is my SIL’s daughter who is a month younger to her. She loves pulling her hair and at times hitting her. She naughtily gives us a glance before undertaking the activity and we are ready to pounce on her shouting NO. But she goes ahead, nonetheless, making me n hubs wonder what should we do?


She is a darling and a brat. This we say in the same breath. I wish she grows to be a fine human being who is not a bully but also who doesn’t take any shit from anyone.


At 16 years, things may be different. My sweet little bundle will be struggling in the world. Trying to make people listen to her, which she does now also. Only the ways to the means would have changed.


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Terrored Terra

It was a Black Saturday, so said the media. It was unfortunate, so said the prime minister. It was tragic, so said the politicians. It was waiting to happen, so said the common man. But what did the victims and their kin had to say? Except for never-stopping stream of tears and unspoken words.

The serial Blasts in Delhi on September 13 left 25 dead and as many as 150 injured. Mere statistics for many!!! Do numbers ever tell the depth of tragedy? Does the tragedy become manifold if the numbers are more? How can I feel empathetic sitting here typing furiously on my keyboard.

Does God have an answer to all the violence that we see around us? Can we ever think of a world where terror attacks would be a thing of past? No, I guess never. It can only get worse from here. Is there a silver lining? As my fellowblogger MM says, can we do something to ease the pain and suffering?

I have no answers. I can donate blood. What more can I do. Maybe much more. If only I deviate from my routine to hear the voice of the injured….

It is easy to say that the spirit never dies. The show goes on. Blah Blah Blah!!! Do we have a choice? Are we bothered? Does anything that we do make a difference?

Questions, questions and more questions. If you have an answer, please tell me.

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