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Metro musings

I travel to and fro to work in the metro. The metro ride is usually of 30 minutes and never have I felt uncomfortable in a metro journey. It’s not a journey where you may feel nauseated if you don’t get a seat. It is a ride where seats should ideally be offered to people who are in need.

The only time I have wished someone offered me a seat was when I was pregnant and had swelling in my feet. Even though, it was quite evident that I was pregnant, rarely have people offered me their seat. There have been a few instances when an auntiji or a young college girl would have offered the seat but they are too few to be taken note of.

I often see young people being oblivious to the fact that someone else needs a seat. Either they look the other way or pretend to be asleep. This sets by blood boiling and I often barge in and ask the person to vacate the seat for the old gentleman or a lady who has an infant in her arms. Where has civility gone? Is chivalry an obsolete word in the modern day dictionary? How can people sit comfortably when you see someone else is in need of a seat?

I prefer to stand and whenever I get a seat I make it a point to vacate it to people who should be there instead of me. It gives me immense happiness when I give my seat someone in need, never mind half the time they don’t even bother to thank you. Courtesy, well what’s that? People step on your toes, push you and never bother to apologize.

Sorry, this is Delhi. I guess I am a fool to expect people to show concern for others. Sorry, I may be generalising but if 8 out of 10 people behave this way, what can I say?


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