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30 things in the 30th year

It is an idea copied from a few of my fellow bloggers. And I want to write it down for posterity. Even if I am able to manage 15 things out of the 30 this year then I would consider myself a success. Some of them may just overlap with things that I would like to do in the next 30 years. 30 is a magical figure, I love it  So here goes the list

1. Go white water rafting.

2. Visit Vaishno Devi and Venice.

3. Visit Kerala, Laddakh, Daman and Shillong. Well that covers the four corners of our country.

4. Go on a foreign holiday (Singapore, Bali, Mauritius,,,,,,,,, anywhere will do)

5. Write a book.

6. Go on an all-girls vacation.

7. Go on a solo back-packing trip.

8. Learn swimming and driving (yeah, I am outdated….don’t know either).

9. Learn salsa or jazz, preferably with hubs.

10. Bake a cake (all my previous experiments in the microwave have turned Rock On!!!)

11. Learn to cook lip-smacking Chinese and Italian dishes.

12. Finish reading Atlas Shrugged, One Hindered years of Solitude, War and Peace.

13. Shed 10 kilos and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.

14. Learn to be more patient and calm.
15. Learn power yoga, ashtanga yoga, pilates and tai chi (even learning one this year would make me happy)

16. Buy a ruby and emerald set/ kundan set.

17. Try to be yummy mummy for the bunny.

18. Adopt a sport into my hectic schedule (badminton, TT, swimming).

19. Go on a cruise/ wildlife safari.

20. Plan a school reunion where everyone comes with their spouse and kids.

21. Develop a taste for everything brown……brown rice, brown bread, flax seeds………..
22. See at least two of the Seven Wonders of the World.

23. Attend an Art of Living workshop.

24. Discover my spiritual side — adopt meditation.

25. Buy a house, anywhere in the world but BUY

26. Attend a concert.

27. Develop a taste for sushi.

28. Donate more often (blood, clothes, time, money)
29. Associate myself with an NGO.
30. Do a new course, study further.


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