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Isn’t it ironic?

Yesterday, I attended my nephew’s annual parent’s day function. The day had begun on a somber note and we all went to cheer him for he had a tiny role in a play. The evening began with all of us being asked to observe two minute silence for the Mumbai terror victims.


There was a beautiful play towards the end of the day. It spoke of youth being lured to terrorism. A young man is hunting for a job. The first company rejects him as they only take locals. The second company ahs only reserved seats under the quota system. In the third company nepotism ruled. He is left dejected. A militant outfit lures him into their trap. He is sent on his first mission to plant bombs in the city. There is mayhem everywhere and the young guy realizes what he has lost in the bargain. They showed snippets of Godhra, Bombay train blasts, and other tragic terror attacks. The dance drama ends with an appeal to the youth not to fall prey to easy money and let communal violence be shunned. I was left numb, shivering and sobbing/.


Isn’t it ironic? This was a play that the school prepared a month in advance. It was shown on a day when we were hit by the worst terror attack that we have ever seen since 9/11. A terror attack that saw youngsters taking the city to ransom. What could be more ironic than this?


My eyes are not supporting me any more, for a watery haze had blurred my vision.


I am speechless. No words of comfort can soothe me now….


When will this get over? Has anyone got any answers?


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I woke up this morning only to read “Terror war on Mumbai”. I was caught in an array of emotions—fear, anger, pity, loathe….. My first reaction was to switch on the TV and then frantically call my friends in Mumbai to check about their safety. Thank god, all are safe and sound. But those people who have been killed so ruthlessly mean nothing to me? They do and I send a silent prayer for all those who have been directly and indirectly affected by this.


I am scared and frightened. I am also angry and want to know who can save us from these terrorists? I feel pity towards such people who for their selfish means hold a city or rather a nation to ransom. Besides rich men and women who were at Taj, many employees (many may just be the sole breadwinner for his or her family) have been killed. The city is on high alert and Army has been called in.


Mumbai meri jaan is bleeding. What can I do about it? Where are we safe in this world? The terrorists attacked upmarket places in our financial capital clearly sending messages that they want India to be known as a terror hub. This is seriously going to affect the tourist flow to our country. The strikes planned in late November would mean most tourists planning to come to India for New Year’s cancel their plans. Now travel advisory’s would be issued once again and we the already dipping economy would dip further.


At least 100 people and more than 300 have been injured. Even as I write this, over 100 people have been held hostage in the Taj Hotel. The Army, BSF and ATS are trying to rescue people. We are told that at least five to seven terrorists are still in the hotel. I pray to God that our armed forces emerge victorious.


We are all anguished at our helplessness. The rage and fear is apparent. A colleague of mine says why politicians escape terror attacks? Why did the strike on Parliament leave people harmless? The next attack on parliament should kill some of these rogue politicians who are good for nothing.


Sorry for this haphazard post. As I write this, I send out a silent prayer for keeping my near and dear one’s safe. But for how long? Maybe it’s just a matter of chance and maybe chance won’t be there the next time.


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Of Friendships and Friends



I think friendship is a completely misunderstood concept, especially in my social circle. I guess the people I know give friendship such a backseat that it often ends up meaning a remote phone call and some pleasant chit chat.


Not that I am whining about my friends in this post, I have lots of friends. Some great friends, some not so great and some that have deteriorated to the realm of just Diwali and New Year SMSses. You know what I mean.


For me friends have always held a special place in my heart. They are the ones whom I turn to when things go wrong, they are the ones whose company I crave for when I need to have a party or simply to crash out. They are my ego boosters and also ego tamers. They make me look at the world beyond those rose tinted glasses.


Our friendships evolve with time. Some are our school buddies who know how we looked and behaved while growing up, some are office buddies who know how we tackle deadlines and some are just our agony aunts or punching bags. You look up to every friend of yours for a different reason.


Well, I guess I am digressing. Getting back to the point I guess we think our friends are not capable of going beyond the customary obligations. With relatives we take things for granted but when friends do things for us out of the ordinary it leaves us with gratitude for them. Is that really important?


Maybe we need to rework the equation. Friendships should not be about gratitude. It is like walking into your buddy’s house unannounced yet expecting a warm cuppa with a broad grin on the face. Can I do something like this with any of my friends? Sadly, I can’t recollect even one name. Most of them are busy with their lives and the few who would have welcomed me with open arms do not stay in the same city any longer.


Gosh, how I miss my friends, their homes and their lending ears. Is anyone listening?




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An 18 month update

It’s a belated post. I have been delaying it for some time and today I knew I just had to get it out of the system. Okay My Miss Little Sunshine at 18 months has turned into the naughtiest child I have ever known. Not that my kitty of toddlers is large, yet her aggressiveness and temper tantrums make me wonder where has that docile child of mine gone? She is now becoming a bully to the core and does not mind being nasty too. I and the hubs always think that has the time come for us to visit a counsellor. She is a brat at times and an angel in the next second. She would promptly plant a kiss on my cheek and say “shorrrrrrrrryyyy” if she knows one of us is upset with her. The child surely knows how to make us dance to her tunes, without us even realizing her clever act.


She has been weaned completely. Her night time feeds are over and now ven if she wakes up at night, some duitful patting comforts her. Now the task is to shift from her feeding bottle to a cup.


The milestones include screaming, running, hitting and an addition of new words in her dictionary. She is a chatterbox who will take just 10 minutes before opening up in front of a stranger. She will happily go off with any uncle or aunty who is a little friendly with her. She likes to walk in mamma’s shoes and would also like to pick a handbag and strut across the room.


My Miss Little Sunshine has made me realise how to enjoy giving her a shower even as I have an excruciating back pain. It has also made me know that I have oodles of patience and the God’s biggest blessing is my Sunshine to me.

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