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Freedom of Speech

My fellow bloggers, please tell me what is blogging all about?

Where to draw a line when criticizing someone? Do I have a right to my opinion. I am flabbergasted. A fellow blogger had to withdraw his post on “Shoddy Journalism” coz he dared to defame NDTV and Barkha. NDTV asked him to render a public apology on his post, which he has done, and he has also removed his post against Barkha. How can they sue him? What about his rights?

Please check about it here: ckunte

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Also, I urge popular bloggers to put it on their blogs and let’s start a movement. Going by this, we would not be allowed to air our views.

I believe Barkha should check the Facebook group against her which has thousands of members. Being a journalist myself, I respect my profession and the ethics that we follow while reporting a story.


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The Big Brother is watching

Statutory warning for Women: Wearing Western clothes and going to a pub can be injurious to your health. Not only will you pushed around but your brother would also be assaulting your modesty in the name of restoring Indian values.

Yes, the big brother is watching and you better behave. For neither are you allowed to dress in modern wear nor are you allowed the liberty of choice. You have no freedom to make your own choices as the custodians of your morality are doing the job for you. There is a new Sena out there, who insist that they are just like brothers, trying to protect their sisters from bad influences. We are honoured God, for sending this modern Vanar Sena for had it not been for them, we the dimwits, wouldn’t have known how to dress, where to go and what to drink. That our Goddess Kali drinks blood and we dimwits only have a few vodka shots is abhorred by our brothers in the Sena. Earlier we had just one Sena, now we have two more to protect us. Blessed are the women of the land who have men who will assault them to teach them about values and culture. Ram Sena, Shiv Sena or Navnirman Sena… they are all ready for us. Let us send them to the border so that the real sena can get a break. I must stop here, for the Big Brother will watch what I am writing.

Last heard, this particular Sena is threatening to call a Bandh if their leader is not released from jail. Won’t it be better to ban you guys than tolerate your nonsense, you good for nothing MCPs alias perverts alias creepy crawlies.

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Where are our leaders?


I am taking this logo posted by several other fellow bloggers to talk about the state of politics in our land. Will we ever have an Obama-moment in our country?

We take pride in our democracy. It’s quite a different matter that half the town won’t bother much about Republic day or Independence Day. They won’t wish anyone on these days and cellular networks are not jammed. Then we have politicians like Shibu Soren, Narendra Modi, Raj Thackeray, Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Amar Singh, and many more who have done more harm to the country than provide us with good governance.

Is it so difficult to be honest while occupying the top posts? Why are all politicians looked in a bad light and we rarely have any names to recollect while taking pride in our vibrant nation. Politics is the easiest route for any goonda to find a prospering career. It is a career that has been fledged by goons, crooks and their middlemen. Does it make any difference to me if a Modi of the Godhra fame becomes a PM instead of Mayawati of the Taj corridor fame? Does it make any change in the state of affairs?

I know I am being cynical and it is very easy to say that be the change you want to change. In behest, let me ask all my fellow bloggers to stop voting for criminals, even if they portray Gandhigiri in reel life. How much Gandhisim they show in real life is quite evident when they make regressive statements.

Then we have our self-appointed moral guards who have taken it upon themselves to maintain the tradition of the society. That it’s a different matter that a jeans and top cover more of your body than a midriff baring and cleavage showing saree-attire. But then these hooligans think that wearing a saree and sipping coconut water is my claim to being a true India.

I hope some day, one day, we will have an honest leader who will bring the change that we all want to see but so afraid to be.

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My First Award/s

My first award

My first award

I have recieved my first award in the blogosphere. Hurray!!! And I am thrilled to bits. Thanks Sahaja for this wonderful award.

Let me also do the honours, the first time I am giving awards to people in the blogosphere. I would like to pass the award to Chandni, Sahaja and IHM

Edited to Add: I saw the second award later, so let me update that as well. I would like to pass on the Lovely Blogger Award to Tharini, MM and Mona

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A 20-month update

At 20 months, the Sunshine prances around the house keeping herself occupied. AT times she is busy feeding her gudiya, giving her a massage or cooking for her. Then there are times when the bookworm in her makes resurgence and she is glued to her book for a pretty long time. She doesn’t love me reading out to her and likes to explore her books on her own. We have got her basic colour books and the girl somewhat identifies two-three colours at times. She has also started dabbling with crayons preparing her own modern art.


She has started going up the stairs all by herself and hates any help. Her yells can wake a dead man from his grave, the girl screams like hell. God, if I go deaf soon, you know whom to blame. Her favourite activity is throwing things up and high and she marvels at their falling. Gravity amuses her to no end.


Her poem repertory includes Johnny, Johnny, Twinkle, Twinkle and a Hindi poem. Counting she has mastered till 10 and alphabets we are still stuck at F because after that the girlie just says Aiyo. Her eating habits have improved and she loves to eat whatever we are having. Her favourites remain milk, soup, grapes and roti/ parantha (yes, in the same order).


She speaks almost at ease in Hindi. Malyalam and English she understands pretty well. She doesn’t say much in English except for the customary wishes and some proper nouns.


Though the post is three days overdue, nevertheless, A very happy 20th month B’day my Miss Little Sunshine.

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Sunshine Lingo- II

Kya Mast Hai………and I am flabbergasted. 


Yes, that’s what my 20-month-old daughter said when she saw me trying a pair of trousers. Now, I am not sure whether my ear got it wrong or she actually said it but my brother who overheard her, too thought the same.


God, where am I heading? We both repeated the word mast and asked her what she was saying and she again said, “Kya Mast Hai.” So much for our polished and refined speaking in front of her!!!! From where the hell did she pick up the phrase????? I have no clue. I am left flummoxed at her comment at the appropriate moment though I am absolutely sure that she doesn’t understand the meaning or the context in which she used that phrase.


She also says “Oye Teri” when she is overwhelmingly excited. Now I know this is something that I say often but now she has also picked that phrase making me the subject of social embarrassment (that’s what the hubs says, though I find it very cool). The girl is becoming a big nautanki, Oops, there I go again……… I have to watch out my tongue!!!!

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The shortest maternity leave

A piece of news that caught my attention today morning.


Rachida Dati, the French Justice Minister, has not won many friends among women this week, at least, not among right-thinking women. Not only did she return to work five days after having a baby – by Caesarean section – she was characteristically svelte for her Cabinet meeting: dark, manicured nails, spindly black heels, a jacket with leopard-print lining, the works.

The newspaper Le Figaro, ungallantly pointed out that she has a bit of a tummy, but it’s hardly noticeable. Miss Dati has declared that she has no ambitions to be a role model for women. Just as well.

She is a controversial figure. She is believed to be the face of modern woman by many an ideal feminist. She is a single parent who still has not revealed the child’s father’s name and has risen to this rank from a poverty-ridden childhood. Whatever she has done is admirable. But till to that point.


Just taking a five-day maternity leave, instead of the official four-month leave given by France, Dati has set an example. She is back to work after a C-sec and is strutting around in her stilettos while waving her perfectly manicured hand. She is indeed to be lauded for her antics. I too had a c-sec and am still wondering how she managed to join work after 5-days of her surgery?


No, I am not being in awe of her physical stamina or grit. But, yes, I am thinking what kind of a woman it is to leave her five-day-old kid to join work? Three days must have been bed rest and the next two days would have been spent in personal grooming. It was indeed not dire circumstances which made her choose to abandon (yes, I say ABANDON) her child to the care of a nanny who will be putting a bottle every two hours. A baby, who doesn’t have a father by his side, is now deprived of motherly love too.


Do such women ever give it a thought what happens to the kid. You brought the child into this world you bloody well take care of him. Every child gets raised in a different manner, but, please don’t rob them of the absolute essentials of life. Please don’t give birth to a child if you can’t take care of the baby the way it should be. Please don’t, for babies are to cherished and loved, not delivered and left.

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