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I am hungry, mama

Yes, that Miss Little Sunshine asked for food on March 29 for the first time is indeed a milestone. Yes she said, “Mama mujhe bhook lagi hai, chawal de do” before dinner time and said “mujhe roti de do” during lunch. Oh, all in one day.

Isn’t it wonderful when you get to know when your child is hungry? It marks a major milestone in my life that my 22-month-old is able to ask me for lunch and dinner. Till now, she has always asked for milk and asked for sundry things like biscuit or a fruit. Never has she demanded a proper meal during lunch or dinner. How I felt contented after feeding her yesterday.

I may sound silly but I can’t stop raving about the incident. For a mother these are small milestones when her child tells her that she is ready to leave the lap. Her first word at 5 months was papa, she first started crawling by 7 months, and she stood on her own by 8 months and started walking on her own when she about a little over 11 months. She left her feeds when she was 15 months and was potty trained by 18 months. Like all the milestones, saying “I am hungry” was an important milestone.


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Click to view my Personality Profile page

hey, I took this quiz at http://www.mypersonality.info and found the results quite intriguing. The result reads as follows:

ESTJs live in a world of facts and concrete needs. They live in the present, with their eye constantly scanning their personal environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically. They honor traditions and laws, and have a clear set of standards and beliefs.

ESTJs thrive on order and continuity. Being extraverted, their focus involves organization of people, which translates into supervision. While ENTJs enjoy organizing and mobilizing people according to their own theories and tactically based agendas, ESTJs are content to enforce “the rules,” often dictated by tradition or handed down from a higher authority.”

ESTJs prefer occupations that require an organized, logical, and practical bent that incorporates an effective use of time and resources. They pay attention to the organization’s hierarchy and use policies and procedures to help them to move the tasks along. They like making decisions and dealing with concrete, specific facts.

“responsible, finisher, decisive, norm following, respects authority, punctual, hard working, stiff, self confident”
“…go by experience and that is what counts, not speculation and experimentation, and certainly not fantasy. They keep their feet firmly on the ground and make sure that those under their supervision do the same…”

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A 22-month update

A belated post, a belated happy Birthday My Miss Little Sunshine. What to do mama has been so busy the past two weeks that March 18 was thought about and remembered but not blogged about. You have turned 22-month-old now and it’s just one more month before this entire monthly celebrations/salutations would get over.

MLS, you are growing too fast and too quick. Did I tell you that you can’t be tricked anymore? The other day I obstructed the car door with my foot so that you don’t close it, you spent 5 minutes figuring out what has gone wrong, looked everywhere on the door for possible obstructions and spotted my foot and asked me to remove it. I never knew my munchkin has grown this big.

Did I tell you that now you’re a favourite of lot of bhaiyas and in the society whom we have got to know through you dearest You refuse to sit indoors, has to play in the park all the time and will walk away with any stranger just to be in the outdoors. Nothing fascinates you more than being footloose. You are not scared and would confidently walk away alone also, leaving mama behind with a deep heart.

Did I tell you that you always say that you are a papa’s daughter and when I make a sad face you say, “ok, I am yours too”. You effortlessly sing your poems but the moment mama comes to teach you its not interesting anymore for you.

Did I tell you that your demons too come out quite freely. When you shout and cream, yell and cry and stump your feet. And if mama really gets cross then you get emotional further and would like to make up to me. You will promise me that you will never repeat this behaviour only to throw a fit the moment you have finished saying so  But mama loves all of this and is enjoying a wonderful phase in life.

Did I tell you that you complete me in all aspects and never have I felt God so close as looking at your angelic face.

God Bless, Amen!

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Maid dilemmas

I guess finding a maid in Delhi is as difficult as making Miss Little Sunshine (MLS) finish her complete meal. Both are impossible tasks, both require oodles of patience and time, both demand ferocious energy to deal with the eventual outcomes and both leave you exasperated and gasping for breath.

I was oblivious to the world of stay-at-home maids till the time I got pregnant. That’s when my MIL, who stays close-by, informed me that if I intend to leave MLS behind for work then I better keep a maid at home. i was alos informed about the difficulties of finding one and how I should start searching the moment I got pregnant. I didn’t pay any heed to her advice as the thought of a third adult in our cosy home was too much to swallow. Being a two bedroom apartment, I felt we would hardly have any privacy left. But like all things that come attached with the pregnancy the maid issue was dealt with quite serioslu, especially by my MIL, who spread the word far and around that I need a stay at home maid. Her logic with the part-timers being they would skip work, never be on time and would not be there late at night. Eventually, I got one when I was just 6 months pregnant and my MIL bounced on her as if she is a precious gem to be treasured and kept away from all prying eyes of our neighbours. Thankfully, she turned out to be a nice girl who looked after MLS till she was seven months old. Before leaving for work, I used to drop my maid and MLS at my parents-in-law’s place and used to pick them up in the evening. Everything was smooth till she declared she was going back home. All hell broke loose as we started our maid hunt again.

A series of girls/women/ came and went away, if I think correctly at least 8 people left before I finally got a lady who took care of MLS. I paid a huge amount of commission to the agency guy’s to get maids. I lost some money, a digicam and couple of knick-knacks with every maid gone wrong. Now these agency’s that run maid services are neither registered nor take any onus of sending a trained maid. They lie blatantly and usually try to make a fool of us. So after a series of misses, I got the right lady who looked after MLS till the last month.

Now she has gone to her hometown, promising me to return in 3 months. I have kept a new maid, again after paying a huge commission to the agency, and she is driving me nuts. MLS doesnt go to her and she has no clue how to make tea or even cut veggies. My in-laws too are tired of making her learn things. Why do these women come to work if they don’t want to? Why do they drive us against the wall all the time? My maid hunt continues……….I wonder how other working moms are dealing with the maid dilemmas.

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The Miss Little Sunshine is asking for a spoon. mama, absentmindedly, hands over a spoon to her from the utensils rack.
MLS says: Isko dho do (wash it, please). yeah, yeah mama taught you all about cleanliness and forgot it while bringing you up.

MLS is having a runny nose. mamma tries to make her blow on a big towel instead of a hankerchief.
MLS says: Nooooooooooooo. mera hanky lao {get my hanky, please}

Sorry MLS, mama always tries to be easy going than be prim and proper.

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