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Yes, the hubs can’t get enough of Miss Little Sunshine. Today morning we hurridely packed her bags and dropped her at her naani’s place, a few kilometres from my place. We wanted her to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday with her at her grandma’s place. After we head to our offices, I get a call from husb.

Me: Hi honey, what plans of evening, now that we are alone…

Husb: Can we go and meet MLS.

Me: OK, what if she cries to come along?

Husb: We will get her back and then maybe… maybe drop her back on Sunday.

Me: Hmmmmmmm

Husb: Please can i be with her?

Me: OK (With a wide grin on face).

We think on the same track. After dropping her, I was wondering what we will do the entire evening. Ahem, was there ever a life before MLS happened? What did we used to do on weekends then?

*Sigh* I guess we both can’t get enough of her though she is happy to be anywhere than her own house …. Such is life dearies.


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Mama’s first tag

Hey MLS, this is mama’s first tag and what better than motherhood as a subject to write on. The very lovable, GoofyMama, has tagged me to write the five high points in motherhood. Well, it’s unfair to summarise in five points yet the crunchier the better for you to read MLS. Am sure you would be hard-pressed for time when you would be reading mama’s blog.

Five Things I love being about mother

1. Motherhood gave me you, my bundle of joy. I just love your smile and shiny eyes. The content look on your face is unmatchable to any joy in this world.

2. The way you snuggle up to me and bury your cute face on my nape. The way you fiddle with my ears, hold me tightly and kiss me goodbye, your unconditional love simply melts my heart beyond words.

3. Due to motherhood, I can take pride in the fact that I owned you first, I was the one who first felt you and for 9 months you were solely mine.

4. Motherhood taught me the virtues of patience, caring and courage. Three qualities I discover everyday making me push myself beyond my limits to reach out.

5. I take pride in motherhood for I do not worry about my jelly-like tummy or stretch marks, for without them I wouldn’t have got the most beautiful child in this world.

Since I am not avidly read by many, I do not tag anyone. However any mommy reading this is free to post a comment on motherhood or take up the tag.

Thanks GM once again for this beautiful tag.

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A 23-month post

Let me celebrate your 23-month-old existence by a belated happy birthday post. ya, you turned 23 (month) on April 18 and mama, says this with a heavy heart that this is the last time you would be addressed as **-month-baby. I take pride in your growth but at the same time a little birdie inside me weeps, for soon you will fly away from the nest.

1. Would you still continue to kiss us on cheeks, then nose, followed by eyes, ears and head when you turn 23 years? Yes, that’s how you express your love not only to us but to anybody you take a fancy on.

2. Would you hug me tightly when you are 23 and utter, “mama MLS ko chod ke kahaan jaa rahe ho?”

3. At 23, would you still allow me to feed you and make me run amok the entire house?

4. Would you still remain your papa’s daughter and tease mama showing your tongue?

5. Would your breath still make me feel lost for words and offer a silent prayer to Almighty for sending this angel to our house?

My lil MLS, you have many more milestones to cross. Mama may sport a lot more grey hairs when you turn 23, but these are the few things, that will always make me want to hit the time machine.

PS: As far as your milestones go you are ready to join a school (you have been since you turned 1.8 years), can correctly put your sandles, is able to wear your pyjamas properly and expresses your likes and dislikes quite strongly. You have started identifying a few serials on TV (Roadies, Mr Bean) and knows how to bargain as well.

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Of this and that

This 22-month-old lil baby of mine has suddenly grown big. She is now the leader of a group of kids, aged between 9 to 16, who go round for evening walks in the society where we stay. Miss Little Sunshine has loads of friends and is a favourite with her Manu Bhaiya, Swaati didi, monini didi (mohini), iman bhaiya (Himang) and shuti didi (shruti). They take her to the park and play bat-ball with her. She can’t get enough of them and neither are they tired of dancing to her tunes. Thanks to MLS, we now know a lot of our neighbours.

MLS: “Where are you going, mama?

Me: Office

MLS: Mujhe naai leke jaa rahe?

Me: Aap chotta baby ho

At this she points to her five-month old picture on the wall and says :WOh Chotta baby hai.” I am big, i can go to office.

MLS wanted to know where the uncle ( a Kathakali mask that hangs on one of our walls) pees? I am speechless.


MLS is a big chatterbox, calls out to everyone and wants to be the centre of attention. She simply loves the park or playing outside. Making her sit inside the house is a task in itself.

She loves soup, juice and ice-cream. She is not very fond of non-veg and dislikes paneer as well. God, what will I do? every night she asks for an ice-cream and soup or juice every evening.

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