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Dear God,

I have always wanted to thank you for sending me the most beautiful rose from your lawn. Sadly, I always keep postponing it for either I am too hardpressed for time or I have already written thousands of words as a journo that I have no more energy to pen any further. But allow me to thank you today and let me tell you how the rose bud that you sent me across two years back is doing:

* She is the prettiest of all the roses that I have ever seen in my life. When she calls me lovingly, mamu, my heart melts away. Did you tell her to address me like that to get away from my rage.
* She is naughty to the hilt, she will climb on stools and try to fiddle with the gas knob, turn off television and even tries to balance herself on her cycle. She is adventurous to the hilt never worried about her safety. Did you tell her giving her time out should not deter her from her dangerous pursuits?
* She is the most friendly child in the neighbourhood so much so that everyone is her aunty, uncle, grandparents or bhiya and didi. Was she the talkative most in your lawn?
* She has become quite independent. She can put on her trousers, wear her shoes, combs her hair and eats her food. Were other flowers getting jealous of her?

Thank you God for giving me my Miss Little Sunshine. I never knew how these two years went by. Please give me a little more:

• Strength to carry on with her infectious energy.
• Patience to deal with her eccentricities.
• Courage to say No to her and not to alter my decision.
• Wisdom to guide her through the path of honesty, loyalty, compassion and love.
• Humility to pass down to her.


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Nine months and a C-sec

I write this post after a few weeks of frenzied activity. This is a post dedicated to you, my lovely, who in the past two years has dominated our lives and has changed it to the extent that we often wonder whether there was ever a life before you.

The day I learnt I was pregnant, we were ecstatic. For some peculiar reason I had always thought I will have problems conceiving. But it was not the case to be. When we decided on having a baby, you quickly planted yourself in my womb within a few weeks.

There began the endless days of morning sickness. Days when all I have would be a banana or a few spoons of rice. Those were really horrible days. I would wake up pucking and sleep after vomiting my lungs out. I used to travel around with a vomit bag. Your dad used to drop me to work where I would spend a few hours juggling work and endless trips to the loo. Most of the time it would be just bile as I hardly ate anything those days. The joke around the friends’ would be “click yourself for you are never going to be so thin ever again.” Those were frustrating four months which I would spent crying quite often .

Then came the second trimester, the pleasantest of all. It was the time when my vomiting subsided and I started enjoying food. I gobbled down food to compensate for those 3-4 odd months of starvation. Towards the end of this trimester I had started feeling slight movements. The first time you moved inside we both jumped with joy.

The last trimester saw my bump enlarging to a proportion where I thought it would just burst out soon. People asked if was carrying twins? I wondered what your weight would be. I had happily piled on 22 kgs (only 15 lost till now) and looked no less than a rolling football when I walked.

I desperately wanted to have a normal delivery. But as per my doc, your heartbeat had started dropping and you were still quite up. They said a C-sec was the best option to go for. Since I dreaded all kinds of pains, I happily agreed, only to realise later that giving birth to a baby, c-sec or natural, comes with its baggage of pain, bruises and stitches. I couldn’t walk around properly without help for the first five days.

The first time they handed over you to me, I was relieved to see that angelic face and that everything was normal (I used to be paranoid). That was my trophy, the fruit of my womb, who now has a couple of slaves at her disposal.

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darling MLS,

This post is 4 days due. Nevertheless, a very happy birthday to you my lovely lady. Turning two on May 18, you are moving away from toddlerhood too fast and too furiously. Someone close to the family passed away on your b’day and mama has still not come out of gloom that surrounds our family these days. May God bless you, honey.


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A dilemma

I am unsure how to celebrate my Miss Little Sunshine’s birthday. She turns two on Monday and here I am, on a Saturday evening still so indecisive about the way to go about it.

There are so many issues at hand. I want it to be a party where all of us enjoy without getting tired. Now the husb and me had decided to keep it a small party for her freinds (ranging between 7-year-olds to 170year-olds) and then a dinner for the immediate family. But now the family wants it to be an extended affair. Which means I have to invite all the uncles and their grandparents to the party amounting to a guest list of 60 odd people. Gosh, am so confused. Why do kiddie parties have to be such a tedious affair?

Anway, MLS anything for you. I don’t want to offend anyone on your special day. My angel, You are heading towards two but you have already given us a taste of terrible two since the time you hit 22-month.

What more is in store, is to be seen in the coming days.

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This is a tag that i have lifted upon on my own. After reading about it at Parul and then later at Kiran’s and Chandni’s blog, I thought I too had to pick this up. This talks about five things tht you love about yourself. Since we often spend a lifetime figuring out why we love someone, I have never really thought what I love about myself. This tag gave me an opportunity to explore the true me and find out what lies beneath.

1. Honesty: I take pride in the fact that I have rarely lied in my life. I haven’t ever been able to carry off a lie with elan. No matter how much I like to hide things, if confronted, I would sing lime a canary. Perhaps the reason why mom knew all about my dates and still have never really taken a medical leave without actually falling sick.

2. Genorosity: I do not like so much to write about this but I believe we all should be generous. We should lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible. You have a blessed lifge, someone else doesn’t so why not share it with others. I always think about this quote: I always looked down upon my ragged shoes till the time I saw a man with no feet.

3. Friendships: I love my friends and being a true blue Leo I am loyal till my last breath. I cherish my friendships and would take an extra effort to be in touch and spend some memorable time with my friends. Unlike many people I know, I love the fact that my ability to keep alive long-lost friendships, is an admirable thing about me.

4. Non-fussy: I a a very adaptable person who adjusts to the situations. I like people who are not fussy in life. Make the most of life and not spend time cribbing about things that can;t be changed.

5. Self-confidence: I think I am a confident person who believes that she can strive in any difficult situation. I am a die-hard optimist who believes that there is a rainbow after rain.

What do you like about yourself? Go figure out, coz u hardly do that, people.

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Invaluable Lessons – II

Miss Little Sunshine never fails to teach us valuable lessons. We may try to instill good manners in her but when we falter she quickly reprimands us.

The other day we were traveling to the market place, just a few minutes away from home. SO both of us didn’t bother to put the seat belt and MLS was quick to remind us “ seat belt dalo, police pakad lega”. Ahem!!!

The other day I asked hubs to pass me my cellphone. He just threw it on to the bed where I was reading a book. Quickly MLS said, “Cell nahin pheko, toot jayega”.

While in the car, her seven-year-old cousin tried to throw a piece of paper on the road. The lady was quick to remind him, “Bahar paper mat pheko, dustbin main dalo.”

And while going to bed, after saying goodnight, I forgot something essential. She was quick to say, “God Bless bolo”.

God Bless you, my Miss Little Sunshine. Without you the days would be drab and nights would be uninterrupted sleep (which I do not like anymore 🙂 )

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