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Yes, Miss Little Sunshine is at work. She has earmarked a few walls in the house to display her artistic skills. The walls that have seen better days, the walls that cringe when she approaches them with her crayons and the walls that talk in hush-hush tones how the mama monster can’t keep a track of the brat. She somehow manages to evade our eyes and spuriously sketch on my till-now pristine-clear walls. So a 3 foot section of the living room wall is a mish mash of colours. So is a portion of the bedroom wall. I wish there was some way to erase all those bouts of creativity.

I wonder how parents of toddlers manage to keep their walls spotlessly clean. How to make a child who is just about 2 years understand what messed-up means?

The hubs seems totally cool about all this though I keep raving and ranting how ugly it all looks. But I guess this little inhouse artist has managed to satiate her creative outbursts.


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Miss Little Sunshine is growing too fast too soon. Today morning, I had the realisation when I saw her sprawled on the bed and saw her photgraph which was clicked when she was barely 2 months old hanging on the wall. She is now 2.2 years and soon she would be 22. As the hubs said the other day, I wish time stands still as far as MLS is concerned, we want to savour her childhood more and just dont want to let go of it.

At 26 months she is a chatterbox, yeah even at 16 months she was one. Now she is oh-so-ready to head to the playschool and I just keep postponing the entire thing. I feel once she heads to the school she will soon fly out of the nest. Mama’s lil one would become too worldly wise too soon.

She has started liking TV a lot more (reason for me to dread) and enjoys music channels and her stories. These days I have learnt to distratct her whenever she throws a fit. Often it works for me. I have invented a naughty boy called “billu bhaiyya” for her who is extremely naughty and moral of the tantrum is weaved into a story. I narrate the story effectively fitting it into the current situation and viola she soon forgets her rage.

The one big milestone that I have to cross now is to stop her feeding bottle. She still has milk from her bottle and I really want her to do away with it before we hit playway.

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