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The non-negotiable schedule

How important is it to set a routine for a two-and-a-half year old? Well, I really don’t know. While my Miss Little Sunshine is at her perkiest best at night and not so much of an early riser, sending her to her playway has become a struggle every day. Now, Delhi has woken up to winters and making her wake up even at 8.30am is a task. Then getting her ready for her school is just too much of a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Constantly, I am threatening her that she will miss her van so that she opens her eyes. At the end of it, I am completely stressed out.

Now, it is a task making her go to bed by 10pm which I think is the ideal time for her to sleep. So we all have to be packed for the day as she refuses to sleep if even one of us stays awake. Then, while in bed, she loves reciting her poems. The poor girl is threatened that if she doesn’t shut her mouth and sleep she will not be able to go to school the next day. Now that is something which works coz come hell or high tide, she would not like to miss her school. The poor MLS struggles hard to sleep, settling in different positions so that sleep comes her way.

How do you put a toddler into a schedule? She had almost fallen into a routine when last week we went out of town for a wedding. This made her schedule go completely haywire. How do you make children understand the concept of time? Or is it too much to ask for from a toddler?


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The week that was…

To say that the past weekend was a roller-coaster ride would be an understatement. We had two weddings to attend, an outstation trip and a deadline not to be missed. To top it, our Miss Little Sunshine was not in the pink of her health.

The week started with me struggling to stick to my deadline, on Wednesday we were to attend the tilak ceremony of a friend. The partying went on till the wee hours of morning only to return next day to office all groggy eyed. Then Thursday was the wedding and thankfully I had managed to stick to my deadline. Since two very close friends were getting married we were supposed to be with them since the word ‘go’.

So we were at the marriage venue for good 12 hours, yes, you read it right. The groom sat on for sehrabandi at around 6 pm on Thursday and on Friday 6am morning the doli finally left for the groom’s place. A bunch of friends, to toddlers, a farmhouse and the season’s coldest day. Poor MLS and the kid had to sleep in the open amidst layers of blankets toppled on them. Between cups of sugary syrup called coffee and angeethi, we cracked jokes and saw how the dulha and dulhan were enduring all this while decked in the shaadi attire.

MLS, sure had fun. She never left the dance floor, grooved with all the hunks and even found a partner. She plonked a kiss on his cheek and in fact, got herself clicked with cute lil boy. The naughty girl is already on a roll.

Then Friday afternoon we reach home and start packing to go to Ahmedabad. Yes, my cousin was getting married on Sunday. The overnight train journey left husb and I running after MLS who was quickly making friends in other berths. Saturday morning we reach an over-crowded house were we barely get any rest. Post Sunday marriage, we have a train to catch at 6pm and we are back in Delhi on Monday morning.

Tired limbs, aching head, cramps, bodyache and an equally tired MLS who slept for 10 hours at a stretch on reaching home.

What a week, it was (phew!!!)

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Notes from Sunshine land

Little Miss Sunshine is growing too fast and too soon. She is such a darling. The playway ahs been doing a lot of good to her. She now wants to go to school everyday, even on a Sunday. I wonder how long it would last.

#Last week, she had her first fancy dress competition. She was dressed as a kite and she recited a poem on ‘patang’ (kite) with cute actions.

#Already her favourite activity is role play. She has mastered the art of being a teacher to the extent she even scolds kids, takes a break to go and drink water and continues her teaching activity. Her She teaches counting 1 to 25 in loud, high-pitched voice along with accompanying clap. Imitating her class teacher.

#Already she has two friends, Kabir and Vanshikha, in school.

#She has mastered her poems with actions, knows counting till 25 but misses 16 and 22.

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