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An open letter

Dear MLS,

Yoday was you first Parent teacher Meeting. Both hubs and I went for the day, reaching the school well in time and waiting patiently to hear what your antics are. It is a matter of concern to know how badly you behave in school, whether you bully other kids and what would be the teacher’s pet peeves.

But nothing of that sort happened. Your teacher was all praises for you. She said you are the most confident and intelligent child in the school. Now I don’t whether she says this to every parent or she actually meant what she said, we swelled in pride. No we didn’t take pride in the above-mentioned quality of yours but in the fact that you are well-behaved, you are assertive and not shy to express your needs. The teacher also said that you are most entertaining kid in the class and often you take over the teacher’s role. Often you are teaching kids alphabets and counting.

It was our first PTM, a beginning of many more such endless PTMs as you grow up and move on in life. But I must tell you, my little 30-month-old kiddie, you are a darling and mama is so proud of you. You are such a precious treasure.

Everyday with you is a God’s blessing. This phase of motherhood has so far been the most cherishing and wonderful. Here, you are able to tell me your likes and dislikes. You are able to judge us and you know when we are cross with you and you really know how to snuggle up to us after your misdeeds. You keep us occupied with your thoughts, actions, rhymes and other careful observations. I already feel that you are growing too soon too fast. And already, I dread those days when a oh-so-serious primary school kid will overtake this cherubic toddler.

I send out silent prayer, thanking God, for giving me the most precious gift of my life. Everything else is so pale.


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