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New year

Ahhhhhhh, already 10 days has passed into the new year and mama has still not written a word. Sorry, MLS. Let me do a quick recap of whatever you ahve been upto these past couple of days, weeks and months.

1. You have really become a BIG girl, telling mama that “bhoot-voot koi nahiin hota mama, woh hamar khoon nahi lega”. now is it the school or the maid or the endless crappy TV prog that you watch that made you come up with bhoot and all….only bhoot knows.

2. Chotta Bheem, an animated modern day bheem series on Tv remains your fav prog on TV. So much so, that when your dad asked you help the other day you plainly said, “madaat toh bheem karta hai, papa.”

3. your fav movies happen to be Jab We met, ghajini and whatever aamir khan does, be it aallll izzzz wellll or his advertisments on TV. shahid kapur is called Nagada and Aamir is referred to as ‘meri adhoori’.

4. Now you no longer wants to go to your playschool. you keep repeating that you want to go to a big school in a big bus.

5. Your fav activities are cooking, cleaning, putting your dool to sleep, playing hide and seek and being a teacher.


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