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First stage show

Today I am in a good writing mood. My bog which is the most neglected thing besides exercise is smiling ear to ear coz I am writing my second post in a single day.

A week back it was MLS’s first stage performance. It was her farewell party in school where parents were invited as children would be performing. We were told by the teacher that we needn’t worry as MLS knows her rhymes with actions like the back of the hand. So we quite sure that she would put up a spectacular performance and make us all proud.

On the assigned day, the I and the husb along with her nani and nine-year-old cousin took her to the school. She was dressed in a pretty white frock, sans any make up. We were asked to arrive at 10 am an hour before the show was to start. We reached the venue huffing and puffing as we were 10 mins late only to see only four odd parents waiting with their overly dressed kids. In the delhi heat, kids were wrapped in silk, satin, heavy make up and much more. Anyway, after playing on a couple of swings , MLS got terribly bored. She was whisked away by her teacher as they wanted to do last minute rehersal. MLS got cranky as she wanted to sit with us and started crying. So we got her outsude and waited and waited and waited. It was 11.40 and the show was still to start. Parents and kids were getting restless. I lost my patience and went to the director of the school and gave him a pices of my mind. He apologised profusely saying they are still waiting for parents and can’t start the show as there are couple of group performances.

Finally the show started at 11.50 and the second turn was of MLS. we took our handycam and digicam to record this momentous feat. But MLS refused to budge from her dad’s lap. Her performance was supoosed to be group rhymes where all that the kids did was actions and the teachers sang the rhymes. Now this was something which MLS didn’t like to do. And so she didn’t budge despite our repeated requests. Finally the group went without her and then there was a fancy dress competition and a solo performance. And the solo thing perked up MLS. She just walked into the stage, took the mike and started singing her rhymes with actions. Quickly we recorded that moment even as parents and teachers were in splits. After 4 poems, she wanted to continue, but we quickly got her down as other kids were waiting for their turn. Her solo act set the precedence and every parent was nudging their child to go on stage and sing something.

Her nani heaved a sigh of relief as she was quite upset by our MLS’s earlier non-performance. The day was truly spectacular for her proud parents too.


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Heading towards 3

My MLS is still not three. there are still two good months to go before we hit this milestone. But she behaves like 3 going on 90. Not a joke, you have to be with her to believe it. Are all kids, these days, super-confident, super-active and super-intelligent? I doubt if I displayed her levels of intelligence when I was 3.

The other day, I accidently dropped my soap into the WC and MLS was watching me. I apologised and said “galti se hua”. So off goes the chatter box, “Mama galti galti kuch nahiin hota. Apne soap gira diya. that’s it.” I guess either I or the husb would have said something like this to her, when she would have done somthing coz her favourite phrase happens to be “galti se hua”. She also scolds me whenever i shout at her dad.

My bro met with an accident recently, and the little one goes and tells him, “mamu gaadi tez nahiin chalana kabh. See accident ho gaya na.” She loves to act all grown up and has her two cents ready on every topic. She has already decided what to do when she grows up……she wasnts to be a doctor (yes, it’s so cliched)

The other day I tok her to a dance school and the instructor said we will take your daughter as she is already five. I told him her age and he couldn’t believe that someone less than 3 can be so sure about things like , “i want to learn dancing, not painting”. So sadly mama and MLS had to come back and wait for atleast a year and half before she can pick up her dance lesson

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