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Chronicles of motherhood

What do I blog about Miss Little Sunshine who does a dozen things a day which are potential posts, yet, when I sit down to pen them it just gets completely erased completely from my mind. Post motherhood, I tend to forget things pretty easily. At times, I have trouble remembering a face, at times it’s the name and sometimes bits of conversation. Don’t know if it’s only a phase or the beginning of certain diseases.

Coming back to the point, the MLS is getting into a mode of self-authority. She is quite assertive about her choices and would rather not budge from them. Be it what she would like to eat, wear or hear (stories). She has also become appreciative and shows her genuine affection to people who matter to her. Last week, I was away on an official trip for three days and the moment I enetered home, she smothered me with kisses and said ‘I like you a lot’. Perhaps, it was her way of telling me how much I matter to her. Those are the moments I live for. The never ending morning sickness, agony of a C-sec, countless sleepless nights and the emotional, physical and mental scars of post partum just seem so trivial in front of this pure love. Blessed are the people who can experience such pure joy in their lives. It’s a love which is unbiased, selfless and regardless of how much you scold or smack them, they will curl up to you at the end of the day.

MLS, I don’t know how life existed before you but surely each day with you is etched in my memory. At least, I try to imprint it in my mind.


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Award time

I have rarely written about myself in this blog. But when one of my favourite blogger Kiran awarded me the ‘Honest Scrap’ award , I couldn’t help but think about myself and pen down things. First, I would like to thank K for this wonderful award. Coming from someone whose blog is a must read everyday, it means a lot to me. I am delighted and since it’s an honest scrap it’s easy to write about.
For the honest scrap award, I need to list out ten honest things about myself that no one knows about and I need to pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

First things first

1. While in college, I never thought I could step out of house without eyeline, lipstick and heels. Motherhood has taught me that kajal is quicker to apply than a liner and having chipped nailpaint on toes is no crime.

2. Post pregnancy, I can’t sleep beyond 6 hours at a stretch, no matter how much tired I am or how much I would love to laze around.

3. The only time I get to read my books are during my 1 hour metro rides to and fro from workplace.

4. I am technologically-challenged. I have an i-pod (gift, obviously) which I rarely use, I can’t upload pics from digicam to my comp and I hate reading e-books.

5. I strive to lose weight but my will power is the weakest when it comes to food.

6. My greatest nightmare is being stuck in a lift.

7. I fear dying an invalid. I want to leave this world in the pink of my health.

8. My spending hasn’t changed with the rising income. I still spend on the same things as I used to when I was earning 2000 bucks a month.

9. My intuitive power is strong. I can often sense negative vibes from thousand miles if a person is upset with me.

10. I hate ‘me’ time. I like being surrounded by friends or family.

I would like to pass this on to
1. Cudddles Mom
2. D
3. Solilo
4. Parul
5. Chandni
6. Mona
7. Ceekay
8. Sraikh
9. Kopili
10. Tharini

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