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Moving away from toddlerhood

My Miss Little Sunshine turned three on May 18. The b’day party in the middle of the week left your parents tired (we had to take leave the next day as well). The morning started with a visit to a doc, as MLS had sore throat and cough. We had just returned two days back from Shirdi and the heat took its toll not just on you but everybody else. It was a wonderful trip, sans the heat and train journey. By the end of the spiritual retreat, you just said “Bar baar hotel, baar baar mandir” I guess you got tired of all the religious things.

Coming back to your D-day, we were given perfect instructions by you that you wanted a cake in the shape of your fav cartoon character Doremon. So the order was dutifully placed and so was the teeny weenie decorations done at the house using balloons. You insisted on blowing up the balloons that in the end we just had to abandon the idea of putting up more balloons. You went around inviting your friends in the locality for the evening party. You enthusiastically sorted out the books for the return gift and wanted to know who was getting what. You were more keen in handing out the return gifts than in your gift itself.

Well you have been once again deluged with dolls and toys and surely now has every animal as a soft toy. Be it the tortoise and pug that you cling to or your doremon, elephant, leopard and the endless other characters strewn across the house.

The party was one big affair with a dozen kids and an equal number of adults. Though you had strict instructions from doc not to have cake or anything else, we could do little to keep you away from the goodies. Despite being sick and not sleeping in the afternoon, you put up a brave face the entire day till 12.30 at night when we finally crashed. I thought you would get cranky but I believe you loved all the attention being showered on you. You flitted across the house interacting with every one absorbing all the fun.

God Bless you, my little girl. Soon you will be a young lady and I just wish that you turn out to be a nice human being. May God shower you with all the happiness in the world and grant you the strength to deal with the adversities in life.


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