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Yeah, my Miss Little Sunshine is true-blue Aamir Khan fan, a la her mom.

It seems i was hibernating as far as my blog updates are concerned. A really rocking incident is what pushed by big fat bum to log on to this site and start blogging again.

To begin with MLS is a huge Bollywood fan as far as song and dance movements are concerned. But till date she hasnt ever been completely engrossed in any movies. Last week, we were watching 3 Idiots on TV and MLS too was watching it with the interest of an earnest Bollywood fan. i was feeding her and suddenly out of the blue she starts crying. Her incontrollable sobs run for a good 10 mins. I am left perplexed and I ask if she is feeling unweel, sick or what.

After a good crying, she starts explaing…in between wails “Aamir Khan was crying” And i Burst out laughing. It was this scene where both boman irani and khan is crying post the delivery of the baby. everyone was crying in the movie in that scene. My God, my poor little girl couldnt understand why everyone was choking and she too joined.

So now this little one knows her Aamir from Salman and SRK from Big B.


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