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Being Mommy

Today the MLS had to enact the role of a mother to two boys in a small skit. We were quite excited about drapping her in a saree, putting some make up, and the works. She was most excited about putting the nail paint as she loves colour on her nails. She was quite worried when I put on lipstick. She said now it won’t go away and how it’s going to take too long and that she is going to drink loads of water so that its wiped away instantly.

Anyway’s the performance in school was on monsoons and all the kiddies dressed in myraid hues just added to the beautiful day. The proud parents sat is hushed silence even as each performance was enacted. MLS was a rockstar with no stage fright. Some wept, some forgot their lines and some shined. MLS belonged to the last category.

She walked in the saree like a pro and wanted to hold her pallu in her arm just as some socialities do. But good sense prevailed and she realised she wouldn’t be able to do any actions if she went like that. The girl surely knows her fashion and didn’t want kajal in her eyes as she said it will make her eyes all black.

So some performance it was, and there are now many more to come.


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Where everyone has a dad

MLS was telling me something about her day in school when she told me an incident. “Mama, today Ronika madam’s dad called. And I couldn’t stop laughing.” I was a bit worried. What was so funny about it, I asked. She goes on saying, “Madam’s papa called, it was funny.” Her next question was, “How can Madam have papa?”

Then I had to tell her just like her dad and mom have their respective dads, even her madam is entitled to a dad. Then the young mind wanted to know if everyone in this world had a dad. I said yes. To which the next question was if birds and animals also had dads. Yes, my dear. For the moment she just needs to know about it. Nothing more than this!

It is another story for another day that there are orphans too in this world— just as the 10-year-old who lost both her parents that day and has to look after her three siblings including an infant.

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… And I’m back

It’s been one long year, 363 days to be precise from my last post. So I am back having woken up from my deep slumber and laziness. Thanks to blogger Chandni whose blog I read without fail, her recent comment on my last post (which was posted on July 17, 2010) made me pick myself, open the blog, dust off the cobwebs and start writing. Okay, so now this is just going to be a clean-up post.

I promise I will be a good girl and post as often as possible. I have to write about Miss Little Sunshine, how the four-year-old’s mind works and what is keeping me on my toes every single day. This blog, now that it has been revived would never be treated with such indifference and callous apathy that politicians reserve for general junta.

In this last one year, MLS has started formal school, I have been to many beautiful places for work, took holidays, managed home without a maid and lived life every single moment. I have greyed more, have lost more hair and put on more lard as it may burst.

So all this and much more in the coming posts. So stay tuned in case if ever anyone opens this blog.

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