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Why are we scared of talking to a stranger? Forget talking, even passing a smile. The feeble smile, that comes halfway through on seeing a child quickly vanishes when the mother looks at you. It’s almost as if you did a crime by smiling at someone unknown. What is it about strangers that we always guard ourselves against?

I have always let loose myself when it comes to strangers. It’s about opening a part of yourselves to a stranger. He may or may not judge you. She may or may not like you. But if your get the vibes of making a connect just go ahead and do it. I always follow my heart and choose my strangers without a care.

Perhaps which is why the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with was a complete stranger. A stranger who met me in a public transport and started chatting to me out of sheer boredom. I was deeply into my book, but folded it when I saw the man was getting terribly bored and talking to me was his only escape from the treacherous traffic snarls. What began as a polite conversation, moved into a casual friendship, soon to be a four-year long relationship that lasted in exchanging vows. If that day, I had not encouraged the stranger in carrying forward a conversation, I would have lost the most wonderful man I have ever known.

 So open up. Sure, you should be wary of strangers. But never close the possibility of knowing a stranger beyond the boundaries.







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Turning Five

And I am back, once again. These long absences from the blogging world is not just sheer laziness but the fact that I write for a living. So I would rather read in my spare time than write again. But write I have to. Write, I will. For you. My Milss Little Sunshine.

You turned 5 last week. What a joy it is to see you grow. And with it a part of me also dies every day thinking that soon you will flap your wings and fly off.

No, I am not going to suffer from an Empty Nest Syndrome. But I just want to cuddle you all the time, harass you with sloppy kisses, lift you up and just feed you small tiny bites of food. But these things are slowly becoming a passé. Lifting you isn’t as easy as it used to be. You are your individual now and would like to eat on your own than let me feed you. Then hugging you and kissing will not happen according to my whims. Though more often than not you are nice and allow me to distress you, but then I know this physical pampering will slowly fade away. Sigh

Love is such a selfish thing. It always wants to own everything. Possess everything. And such is maternal love that it learns to outgrow being possessive. For 9 months, I was the only one who possessed you. I learnt to share you with your dad, grandparents, family, and now your friends. As years grow by, more people will be added into your life. Follow your heart and I shall follow you.

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