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The comeback post

What could make one log on to a blog that had been lying redundant for four years now? A twitter post, what else? Someone on twitter asked “What’s the happiest, most joyous thing you’ve seen, heard, read or done in the last seven days?”. That made me think and it brought a smile to my face.

I thought of writing it  in a place where I could read about it after a few years too. Chronicling it was important.  And FB and Twitter had word restrictions, besides the fact that I wasn’t ready for responses to the post. And that’s when this blog struck me. So dusted it out and here I am.

So the most joyous thing i did the past week was having a chat with Miss Little Sunshine about a few of her favourite things. The little missy, is no more little. She is all of 8. So I asked her what her favourite colour was and promptly she said ‘Black’. I was flabbergasted. I always knew pink was her colour. She bought sandals and bags in pink, had her room painted pink and all things in her life was primarily pink. But I didn’t realise that the little one has outgrown the pink colour and Black is her new Pink. I dread that it isn’t early teenage years and Goth will be in my face in the coming years.

Also she told me she wanted to visit Paris because the name sounded fancy besides the desire to se Eiffel Tower. She told me everytime she playe “house’, Paris was where she was coming from or going to. The sound of Paris, saying the name aloud, made her happy.

And when I asked her why she was so cute, she said she didn’t know. After a second’s though she said, “ask me again”. And when I asked again, she said, because you are so cute.

This conversation, before dozing off to sleep, where she smothered me with kisses and her heart’s desires will  be a joyous thing in my life forever.






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