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The comeback post

What could make one log on to a blog that had been lying redundant for four years now? A twitter post, what else? Someone on twitter asked “What’s the happiest, most joyous thing you’ve seen, heard, read or done in the last seven days?”. That made me think and it brought a smile to my face.

I thought of writing it  in a place where I could read about it after a few years too. Chronicling it was important.  And FB and Twitter had word restrictions, besides the fact that I wasn’t ready for responses to the post. And that’s when this blog struck me. So dusted it out and here I am.

So the most joyous thing i did the past week was having a chat with Miss Little Sunshine about a few of her favourite things. The little missy, is no more little. She is all of 8. So I asked her what her favourite colour was and promptly she said ‘Black’. I was flabbergasted. I always knew pink was her colour. She bought sandals and bags in pink, had her room painted pink and all things in her life was primarily pink. But I didn’t realise that the little one has outgrown the pink colour and Black is her new Pink. I dread that it isn’t early teenage years and Goth will be in my face in the coming years.

Also she told me she wanted to visit Paris because the name sounded fancy besides the desire to se Eiffel Tower. She told me everytime she playe “house’, Paris was where she was coming from or going to. The sound of Paris, saying the name aloud, made her happy.

And when I asked her why she was so cute, she said she didn’t know. After a second’s though she said, “ask me again”. And when I asked again, she said, because you are so cute.

This conversation, before dozing off to sleep, where she smothered me with kisses and her heart’s desires will  be a joyous thing in my life forever.






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Turning Five

And I am back, once again. These long absences from the blogging world is not just sheer laziness but the fact that I write for a living. So I would rather read in my spare time than write again. But write I have to. Write, I will. For you. My Milss Little Sunshine.

You turned 5 last week. What a joy it is to see you grow. And with it a part of me also dies every day thinking that soon you will flap your wings and fly off.

No, I am not going to suffer from an Empty Nest Syndrome. But I just want to cuddle you all the time, harass you with sloppy kisses, lift you up and just feed you small tiny bites of food. But these things are slowly becoming a passé. Lifting you isn’t as easy as it used to be. You are your individual now and would like to eat on your own than let me feed you. Then hugging you and kissing will not happen according to my whims. Though more often than not you are nice and allow me to distress you, but then I know this physical pampering will slowly fade away. Sigh

Love is such a selfish thing. It always wants to own everything. Possess everything. And such is maternal love that it learns to outgrow being possessive. For 9 months, I was the only one who possessed you. I learnt to share you with your dad, grandparents, family, and now your friends. As years grow by, more people will be added into your life. Follow your heart and I shall follow you.

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We are shrinking the world by making sure that all the blanks are filled up, too soon, too fast. And our kids grow up thinking they are perfect, living in a perfect world where there is nothing like getting hurt or failing. And more than that we want them to be oh-just-so-perfect.

This Sunday morning I was seething when rage when I read about finishing schools in the city for five-year-olds. Apparently even parents of three-year-olds call up these finishing schools to train their kids. And the schools will teach the kids all about Ps and Qs along with where a spoon should be kept and how to execute the right handshake. Really???? Do our kids need such schools?

I am not sitting on a pedestal and judging these parents. I have my own failures to look at. I am half the time guilty for not teaching my child all about good manners, proper etiquettes and all that lies in between. The MLS knows she can’t butt in when two people speak and has to say ‘excuse me’ if she needs to be heard, often uses thank you and sorry generously, and would greet some people at a slight nudge. But that’s about it. I have miles to go before I can claim proudly about my child’s behaviour.

Having said that I would never go to the extent of sending her to a finishing school and bring out a readymade product set to behave like a robot. I would rather have her spill her milk, use a spoon instead of fork than let her be taught by a stranger about what should be used when. We are great believers of outsourcing but, hey, since when did parenting also go the same way. Okay, we can rent wombs, decide the date and way of delivering the child. And now even let others teach our kids how to behave properly. So what would a parents’ role be in the modern set up? Attend PTA meetings???

I wish we did some of the work ourselves. Least of all parenting shouldn’t be left for others to be taken care of. Don’t we owe them this the least?

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Being Mommy

Today the MLS had to enact the role of a mother to two boys in a small skit. We were quite excited about drapping her in a saree, putting some make up, and the works. She was most excited about putting the nail paint as she loves colour on her nails. She was quite worried when I put on lipstick. She said now it won’t go away and how it’s going to take too long and that she is going to drink loads of water so that its wiped away instantly.

Anyway’s the performance in school was on monsoons and all the kiddies dressed in myraid hues just added to the beautiful day. The proud parents sat is hushed silence even as each performance was enacted. MLS was a rockstar with no stage fright. Some wept, some forgot their lines and some shined. MLS belonged to the last category.

She walked in the saree like a pro and wanted to hold her pallu in her arm just as some socialities do. But good sense prevailed and she realised she wouldn’t be able to do any actions if she went like that. The girl surely knows her fashion and didn’t want kajal in her eyes as she said it will make her eyes all black.

So some performance it was, and there are now many more to come.

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Where everyone has a dad

MLS was telling me something about her day in school when she told me an incident. “Mama, today Ronika madam’s dad called. And I couldn’t stop laughing.” I was a bit worried. What was so funny about it, I asked. She goes on saying, “Madam’s papa called, it was funny.” Her next question was, “How can Madam have papa?”

Then I had to tell her just like her dad and mom have their respective dads, even her madam is entitled to a dad. Then the young mind wanted to know if everyone in this world had a dad. I said yes. To which the next question was if birds and animals also had dads. Yes, my dear. For the moment she just needs to know about it. Nothing more than this!

It is another story for another day that there are orphans too in this world— just as the 10-year-old who lost both her parents that day and has to look after her three siblings including an infant.

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Come, my friend

Well, that’s what she called her dad one day.

And her other friends are the stray dogs and ants. If a stray is outside our house, MLS promptly would want to feed the dog. She would coax me into taking out a bowl of milk and bread. She would the feed the stray to its heart’s content and would keep on patting the animal in a matronly fashion. The other day a she saw a spider spinning its web around an ant and came running to her dad, “help my friend”, “who spider ant ko kha raha hai”. She couldn’t rest till the time the said spider was shoved away.

Hours pass into days, days into months and months into years. MLS is already 3 years and two months. In a couple of months we will go through the biggest trauma of her schooling years—the big bad world of nursery admissions. In Delhi, it is scenario which gives every parent of three-year-old sleepless nights. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to cross this hurdle with ease.

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Moving away from toddlerhood

My Miss Little Sunshine turned three on May 18. The b’day party in the middle of the week left your parents tired (we had to take leave the next day as well). The morning started with a visit to a doc, as MLS had sore throat and cough. We had just returned two days back from Shirdi and the heat took its toll not just on you but everybody else. It was a wonderful trip, sans the heat and train journey. By the end of the spiritual retreat, you just said “Bar baar hotel, baar baar mandir” I guess you got tired of all the religious things.

Coming back to your D-day, we were given perfect instructions by you that you wanted a cake in the shape of your fav cartoon character Doremon. So the order was dutifully placed and so was the teeny weenie decorations done at the house using balloons. You insisted on blowing up the balloons that in the end we just had to abandon the idea of putting up more balloons. You went around inviting your friends in the locality for the evening party. You enthusiastically sorted out the books for the return gift and wanted to know who was getting what. You were more keen in handing out the return gifts than in your gift itself.

Well you have been once again deluged with dolls and toys and surely now has every animal as a soft toy. Be it the tortoise and pug that you cling to or your doremon, elephant, leopard and the endless other characters strewn across the house.

The party was one big affair with a dozen kids and an equal number of adults. Though you had strict instructions from doc not to have cake or anything else, we could do little to keep you away from the goodies. Despite being sick and not sleeping in the afternoon, you put up a brave face the entire day till 12.30 at night when we finally crashed. I thought you would get cranky but I believe you loved all the attention being showered on you. You flitted across the house interacting with every one absorbing all the fun.

God Bless you, my little girl. Soon you will be a young lady and I just wish that you turn out to be a nice human being. May God shower you with all the happiness in the world and grant you the strength to deal with the adversities in life.

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