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Letters to my daughter – I

The idea of writing this letter came to my mind from a fellow blogger Parul. She had beautifully penned down a few points for her daughter who turned 1 month last week. Here I am, sitting like a lazy duck, not telling you what I wish you to do and be like.

Read this carefully, for it wouldn’t be everyday that I will remind you about these things.
• Life is never a bed of roses for anyone, so thank God for what you have and not crib about what you don’t.
• Never waste anything—be it food, water or electricity. There are many people out there who live without these basic elements in their life.
• Learn to laugh at yourself. You will never be short of friends.
• Good friends are as important as your family. So never prioritise between the two.
• Stand up and sing along when the national anthem plays, irrespective of who else is doing it.
• Never abuse your nation, it is as bad as abusing your mother. Don’t think what your country has given you, instead wonder what you have done for your country to deserve anything better.
• Follow two things passionately—reading and traveling. Nothing can replace the joy of a good book and striking random conversation with a stranger about a scenic locale.
• Respect everyone – the maids, drivers, sweepers, shopkeepers. Your job is as important as theirs.
• Say please and thank you.
• Don’t be scared to own up. Failures are what make us the person that we are for hadn’t it been for those nasty monsters we wouldn’t have know how angelic life is.


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An open letter

Dear MLS,

Yoday was you first Parent teacher Meeting. Both hubs and I went for the day, reaching the school well in time and waiting patiently to hear what your antics are. It is a matter of concern to know how badly you behave in school, whether you bully other kids and what would be the teacher’s pet peeves.

But nothing of that sort happened. Your teacher was all praises for you. She said you are the most confident and intelligent child in the school. Now I don’t whether she says this to every parent or she actually meant what she said, we swelled in pride. No we didn’t take pride in the above-mentioned quality of yours but in the fact that you are well-behaved, you are assertive and not shy to express your needs. The teacher also said that you are most entertaining kid in the class and often you take over the teacher’s role. Often you are teaching kids alphabets and counting.

It was our first PTM, a beginning of many more such endless PTMs as you grow up and move on in life. But I must tell you, my little 30-month-old kiddie, you are a darling and mama is so proud of you. You are such a precious treasure.

Everyday with you is a God’s blessing. This phase of motherhood has so far been the most cherishing and wonderful. Here, you are able to tell me your likes and dislikes. You are able to judge us and you know when we are cross with you and you really know how to snuggle up to us after your misdeeds. You keep us occupied with your thoughts, actions, rhymes and other careful observations. I already feel that you are growing too soon too fast. And already, I dread those days when a oh-so-serious primary school kid will overtake this cherubic toddler.

I send out silent prayer, thanking God, for giving me the most precious gift of my life. Everything else is so pale.

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Dear God,

I have always wanted to thank you for sending me the most beautiful rose from your lawn. Sadly, I always keep postponing it for either I am too hardpressed for time or I have already written thousands of words as a journo that I have no more energy to pen any further. But allow me to thank you today and let me tell you how the rose bud that you sent me across two years back is doing:

* She is the prettiest of all the roses that I have ever seen in my life. When she calls me lovingly, mamu, my heart melts away. Did you tell her to address me like that to get away from my rage.
* She is naughty to the hilt, she will climb on stools and try to fiddle with the gas knob, turn off television and even tries to balance herself on her cycle. She is adventurous to the hilt never worried about her safety. Did you tell her giving her time out should not deter her from her dangerous pursuits?
* She is the most friendly child in the neighbourhood so much so that everyone is her aunty, uncle, grandparents or bhiya and didi. Was she the talkative most in your lawn?
* She has become quite independent. She can put on her trousers, wear her shoes, combs her hair and eats her food. Were other flowers getting jealous of her?

Thank you God for giving me my Miss Little Sunshine. I never knew how these two years went by. Please give me a little more:

• Strength to carry on with her infectious energy.
• Patience to deal with her eccentricities.
• Courage to say No to her and not to alter my decision.
• Wisdom to guide her through the path of honesty, loyalty, compassion and love.
• Humility to pass down to her.

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