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The Big Brother is watching

Statutory warning for Women: Wearing Western clothes and going to a pub can be injurious to your health. Not only will you pushed around but your brother would also be assaulting your modesty in the name of restoring Indian values.

Yes, the big brother is watching and you better behave. For neither are you allowed to dress in modern wear nor are you allowed the liberty of choice. You have no freedom to make your own choices as the custodians of your morality are doing the job for you. There is a new Sena out there, who insist that they are just like brothers, trying to protect their sisters from bad influences. We are honoured God, for sending this modern Vanar Sena for had it not been for them, we the dimwits, wouldn’t have known how to dress, where to go and what to drink. That our Goddess Kali drinks blood and we dimwits only have a few vodka shots is abhorred by our brothers in the Sena. Earlier we had just one Sena, now we have two more to protect us. Blessed are the women of the land who have men who will assault them to teach them about values and culture. Ram Sena, Shiv Sena or Navnirman Sena… they are all ready for us. Let us send them to the border so that the real sena can get a break. I must stop here, for the Big Brother will watch what I am writing.

Last heard, this particular Sena is threatening to call a Bandh if their leader is not released from jail. Won’t it be better to ban you guys than tolerate your nonsense, you good for nothing MCPs alias perverts alias creepy crawlies.


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Isn’t it ironic?

Yesterday, I attended my nephew’s annual parent’s day function. The day had begun on a somber note and we all went to cheer him for he had a tiny role in a play. The evening began with all of us being asked to observe two minute silence for the Mumbai terror victims.


There was a beautiful play towards the end of the day. It spoke of youth being lured to terrorism. A young man is hunting for a job. The first company rejects him as they only take locals. The second company ahs only reserved seats under the quota system. In the third company nepotism ruled. He is left dejected. A militant outfit lures him into their trap. He is sent on his first mission to plant bombs in the city. There is mayhem everywhere and the young guy realizes what he has lost in the bargain. They showed snippets of Godhra, Bombay train blasts, and other tragic terror attacks. The dance drama ends with an appeal to the youth not to fall prey to easy money and let communal violence be shunned. I was left numb, shivering and sobbing/.


Isn’t it ironic? This was a play that the school prepared a month in advance. It was shown on a day when we were hit by the worst terror attack that we have ever seen since 9/11. A terror attack that saw youngsters taking the city to ransom. What could be more ironic than this?


My eyes are not supporting me any more, for a watery haze had blurred my vision.


I am speechless. No words of comfort can soothe me now….


When will this get over? Has anyone got any answers?

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I woke up this morning only to read “Terror war on Mumbai”. I was caught in an array of emotions—fear, anger, pity, loathe….. My first reaction was to switch on the TV and then frantically call my friends in Mumbai to check about their safety. Thank god, all are safe and sound. But those people who have been killed so ruthlessly mean nothing to me? They do and I send a silent prayer for all those who have been directly and indirectly affected by this.


I am scared and frightened. I am also angry and want to know who can save us from these terrorists? I feel pity towards such people who for their selfish means hold a city or rather a nation to ransom. Besides rich men and women who were at Taj, many employees (many may just be the sole breadwinner for his or her family) have been killed. The city is on high alert and Army has been called in.


Mumbai meri jaan is bleeding. What can I do about it? Where are we safe in this world? The terrorists attacked upmarket places in our financial capital clearly sending messages that they want India to be known as a terror hub. This is seriously going to affect the tourist flow to our country. The strikes planned in late November would mean most tourists planning to come to India for New Year’s cancel their plans. Now travel advisory’s would be issued once again and we the already dipping economy would dip further.


At least 100 people and more than 300 have been injured. Even as I write this, over 100 people have been held hostage in the Taj Hotel. The Army, BSF and ATS are trying to rescue people. We are told that at least five to seven terrorists are still in the hotel. I pray to God that our armed forces emerge victorious.


We are all anguished at our helplessness. The rage and fear is apparent. A colleague of mine says why politicians escape terror attacks? Why did the strike on Parliament leave people harmless? The next attack on parliament should kill some of these rogue politicians who are good for nothing.


Sorry for this haphazard post. As I write this, I send out a silent prayer for keeping my near and dear one’s safe. But for how long? Maybe it’s just a matter of chance and maybe chance won’t be there the next time.


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Terrored Terra

It was a Black Saturday, so said the media. It was unfortunate, so said the prime minister. It was tragic, so said the politicians. It was waiting to happen, so said the common man. But what did the victims and their kin had to say? Except for never-stopping stream of tears and unspoken words.

The serial Blasts in Delhi on September 13 left 25 dead and as many as 150 injured. Mere statistics for many!!! Do numbers ever tell the depth of tragedy? Does the tragedy become manifold if the numbers are more? How can I feel empathetic sitting here typing furiously on my keyboard.

Does God have an answer to all the violence that we see around us? Can we ever think of a world where terror attacks would be a thing of past? No, I guess never. It can only get worse from here. Is there a silver lining? As my fellowblogger MM says, can we do something to ease the pain and suffering?

I have no answers. I can donate blood. What more can I do. Maybe much more. If only I deviate from my routine to hear the voice of the injured….

It is easy to say that the spirit never dies. The show goes on. Blah Blah Blah!!! Do we have a choice? Are we bothered? Does anything that we do make a difference?

Questions, questions and more questions. If you have an answer, please tell me.

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