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Behki, Behki…..

Oh-la-la, that’s Aamir Khan for me. Yes, even at 43, he does not need to do a John Abraham la Dostana to make my heart skip a beat. He is suave, sassy and oh so droolicious!!!


I watched Ghajini late last night. My jaw dropped everytime the actor was on screen and am sure the floor below my feet was all wet, so much was the drooling. Serve me Aamir any day and I can die peacefully without having anymore desserts.


Aamir as the love-struck corporate honcho Sanjay Singhania oozes charisma that would want you to snuggle up to him. To say he is an actor par excellence is an understatement. He is THE actor cum star who gives us impressive performances movie after movie.


Ghajini is an out and out Bollywood masala flick, something which we have stopped expecting from Aamir Khan. But with Ghajini he has just proved that what SRK or Akshay can do, he can do even better. Show me a movie where the actor has done overacting and I will show you a ‘Badshah Khan’ who can act.


I don’t know why we compare, but the repeated “I am the best” rhetoric makes me wonder why do you have to shout your lungs out to prove you are best. Just act, guys…. Don’t shout.


Aamir wins hands down as the best star actor in modern cinema. Here raising a toast to this wonderful actor who makes me fall in love with him in Ghajini, once again. Sorry husb but infidelity is accepted in this case. Kya karein, Dil Hain Ki Manta Nahin!!!!!


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