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A bully in the making?

I am very worried about my little one’s behaviour. She is adorable, friendly and usually listens to what we tell her to do. At the same time she is aggressive, is short-tempered and loves bullying. My SIL’s daughter is a month younger to Sunshine and is a quiet child. Now my dear Miss Little Sunshine loves her little sis but equally loves to pull her hair. So much so that we don’t leave both of them alone in each other’s company. I don’t know how to make her behave. It is not about being an embarrassment. It is more about Sunshine hurting the other child. We have tried different methods to make her see reason. Love, scolding, staring till looks could kill her, yelling…. Every rule in the book has been tried so far. She has this great fascination for pulling kid’s hair, and literally with all her force, using both her hands. Also, she doesn’t like to share anything with this little cousin of hers. She will snatch everything from her hand. I worry if she will be like this even when she enters kindergarten? How can I make her understand and develop love and compassion for the other kid? Any answers!!!


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