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Isn’t it ironic?

Yesterday, I attended my nephew’s annual parent’s day function. The day had begun on a somber note and we all went to cheer him for he had a tiny role in a play. The evening began with all of us being asked to observe two minute silence for the Mumbai terror victims.


There was a beautiful play towards the end of the day. It spoke of youth being lured to terrorism. A young man is hunting for a job. The first company rejects him as they only take locals. The second company ahs only reserved seats under the quota system. In the third company nepotism ruled. He is left dejected. A militant outfit lures him into their trap. He is sent on his first mission to plant bombs in the city. There is mayhem everywhere and the young guy realizes what he has lost in the bargain. They showed snippets of Godhra, Bombay train blasts, and other tragic terror attacks. The dance drama ends with an appeal to the youth not to fall prey to easy money and let communal violence be shunned. I was left numb, shivering and sobbing/.


Isn’t it ironic? This was a play that the school prepared a month in advance. It was shown on a day when we were hit by the worst terror attack that we have ever seen since 9/11. A terror attack that saw youngsters taking the city to ransom. What could be more ironic than this?


My eyes are not supporting me any more, for a watery haze had blurred my vision.


I am speechless. No words of comfort can soothe me now….


When will this get over? Has anyone got any answers?


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