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Award time

I have rarely written about myself in this blog. But when one of my favourite blogger Kiran awarded me the ‘Honest Scrap’ award , I couldn’t help but think about myself and pen down things. First, I would like to thank K for this wonderful award. Coming from someone whose blog is a must read everyday, it means a lot to me. I am delighted and since it’s an honest scrap it’s easy to write about.
For the honest scrap award, I need to list out ten honest things about myself that no one knows about and I need to pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

First things first

1. While in college, I never thought I could step out of house without eyeline, lipstick and heels. Motherhood has taught me that kajal is quicker to apply than a liner and having chipped nailpaint on toes is no crime.

2. Post pregnancy, I can’t sleep beyond 6 hours at a stretch, no matter how much tired I am or how much I would love to laze around.

3. The only time I get to read my books are during my 1 hour metro rides to and fro from workplace.

4. I am technologically-challenged. I have an i-pod (gift, obviously) which I rarely use, I can’t upload pics from digicam to my comp and I hate reading e-books.

5. I strive to lose weight but my will power is the weakest when it comes to food.

6. My greatest nightmare is being stuck in a lift.

7. I fear dying an invalid. I want to leave this world in the pink of my health.

8. My spending hasn’t changed with the rising income. I still spend on the same things as I used to when I was earning 2000 bucks a month.

9. My intuitive power is strong. I can often sense negative vibes from thousand miles if a person is upset with me.

10. I hate ‘me’ time. I like being surrounded by friends or family.

I would like to pass this on to
1. Cudddles Mom
2. D
3. Solilo
4. Parul
5. Chandni
6. Mona
7. Ceekay
8. Sraikh
9. Kopili
10. Tharini


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My First Award/s

My first award

My first award

I have recieved my first award in the blogosphere. Hurray!!! And I am thrilled to bits. Thanks Sahaja for this wonderful award.

Let me also do the honours, the first time I am giving awards to people in the blogosphere. I would like to pass the award to Chandni, Sahaja and IHM

Edited to Add: I saw the second award later, so let me update that as well. I would like to pass on the Lovely Blogger Award to Tharini, MM and Mona

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