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Predictions go wrong

When I was pregnant, everyone around told me that I am going to deliver a boy. Every Tulsi, Daisy and Heera had an opinion on my preggy state. They said how my tummy was round and huge and that it is a sign of baby boy. They told me that with girls the tummy doesn’t grow so big and also it points towards your toes. Well, so much prediction from all quarters that me and hubs believed it. So we made a dictionary of boy’s names. So convinced we were. And we always wanted a baby girl, so there was not so much tempo about choosing names. Once a friend even remarked, “You guys don’t seem to be excited about becoming parents.” Not correct, but though we wanted a healthy baby above everything else, yet the desire for a girl was very strong. So, when I was taken to the operation theatre (yeah, I had a C-sec—another day, another post on it) and the result was out in 30 minutes, I asked my gyneac how’s the baby. “It’s a girl”, she said. I could not believe my luck, so I asked again, “Are you sure?” And she replied yes a healthy baby girl. So, my Miss Little Sunshine entered our lives when she was least expected. And, I have a feeling that there are many more unexpected things from her waiting to be unfolded.

A week after one of the “auntiji” who confidently said I am having a baby boy asked me so what’s the outcome. I told her “I am blessed with a girl” and she muttered “Sorry”. I felt like smacking her face and asked her in not-so-polite way what was sorry about having a girl. She fumbled and said “Oh, I was just apologising for my prediction going wrong.” WTF, did I give two hoots to what she predicted?


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