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A 21-month-update

Whoop, my Miss Little Sunshine (MLS) would be two years in three months time. I would soon stop counting the months. But till then, let me enjoy myself by recording every breath she takes, every move she makes….

At 21 months, she now speaks clearly and has mastered the art of replying too. She can count till 10, say her alphabets and knows four rhymes. But she doesn’t say anything in its entirety, for we have to initate ABCD then she will say EFGH and so on.

Her keen observational skills leave us flummoxed more often than not. Today, when her mamu (my brother) woke up she asked “chai peena hai?” (You want to have tea?). She knows that the moment he opens his eyes he needs to have his cup of tea.

The girl is quite particular about everyone’s likes and dislikes, belongings and mannerisms. She knows who will say what to her. She knows that she can twiddle us around her thumb when she is with her dadu (grandpa). She knows when to shed her crocodile tears and how to cuddle up to me when I am cross with her.

She now talks on phone with people and would reply to what is being asked. But her attention span on phone is not more than two minutes. Food and MLS are not the best of friends and she is quite temperamental. If she loves khichri one day then it may be paranthas the other day. She still hasn’t taken to eating non-veg (despite having a mom who will leave the bone only when they turn to shards in her mouth) and chocolates still aren’t a favourite (Haven’t ever bought one for her and whatever we usually get is devoured by this oversized mom who fears of shedding even an ounce of her weight!!!!).

She has started miming me, whatever I say she keeps repeating those words. But when I say, “Oh My God, main dookhi hoon (I am tired of you), she would say “Aap dookhi nai ho” (No, you are not). She has now mastered the art of conversation and is becoming quite a chatterbox.

She loves all the advertisements on television. Though we rarely watch TV with her but she gets an overdose of TV whenever she is with her grandparents (sigh!!!). She is fully potty trained and semi pee-trained.

Books and pens are her favourite companions. Give her a pen and she can tattoo her legs and arms and proudly display her ‘drawing’. She loves her books to the point that she has even managed to tear off a hardbound page of an alphabet book Whosoever made those books specifically for kids so that they don’t tear them off hasn’t met brats like her.

Happy 21st B’day Miss Little Sunshine. Let the sunshine spread its warmth and glow into everybody’s lives.


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