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Where everyone has a dad

MLS was telling me something about her day in school when she told me an incident. “Mama, today Ronika madam’s dad called. And I couldn’t stop laughing.” I was a bit worried. What was so funny about it, I asked. She goes on saying, “Madam’s papa called, it was funny.” Her next question was, “How can Madam have papa?”

Then I had to tell her just like her dad and mom have their respective dads, even her madam is entitled to a dad. Then the young mind wanted to know if everyone in this world had a dad. I said yes. To which the next question was if birds and animals also had dads. Yes, my dear. For the moment she just needs to know about it. Nothing more than this!

It is another story for another day that there are orphans too in this world— just as the 10-year-old who lost both her parents that day and has to look after her three siblings including an infant.


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Dear God,

I have always wanted to thank you for sending me the most beautiful rose from your lawn. Sadly, I always keep postponing it for either I am too hardpressed for time or I have already written thousands of words as a journo that I have no more energy to pen any further. But allow me to thank you today and let me tell you how the rose bud that you sent me across two years back is doing:

* She is the prettiest of all the roses that I have ever seen in my life. When she calls me lovingly, mamu, my heart melts away. Did you tell her to address me like that to get away from my rage.
* She is naughty to the hilt, she will climb on stools and try to fiddle with the gas knob, turn off television and even tries to balance herself on her cycle. She is adventurous to the hilt never worried about her safety. Did you tell her giving her time out should not deter her from her dangerous pursuits?
* She is the most friendly child in the neighbourhood so much so that everyone is her aunty, uncle, grandparents or bhiya and didi. Was she the talkative most in your lawn?
* She has become quite independent. She can put on her trousers, wear her shoes, combs her hair and eats her food. Were other flowers getting jealous of her?

Thank you God for giving me my Miss Little Sunshine. I never knew how these two years went by. Please give me a little more:

• Strength to carry on with her infectious energy.
• Patience to deal with her eccentricities.
• Courage to say No to her and not to alter my decision.
• Wisdom to guide her through the path of honesty, loyalty, compassion and love.
• Humility to pass down to her.

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