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Where are our leaders?


I am taking this logo posted by several other fellow bloggers to talk about the state of politics in our land. Will we ever have an Obama-moment in our country?

We take pride in our democracy. It’s quite a different matter that half the town won’t bother much about Republic day or Independence Day. They won’t wish anyone on these days and cellular networks are not jammed. Then we have politicians like Shibu Soren, Narendra Modi, Raj Thackeray, Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Amar Singh, and many more who have done more harm to the country than provide us with good governance.

Is it so difficult to be honest while occupying the top posts? Why are all politicians looked in a bad light and we rarely have any names to recollect while taking pride in our vibrant nation. Politics is the easiest route for any goonda to find a prospering career. It is a career that has been fledged by goons, crooks and their middlemen. Does it make any difference to me if a Modi of the Godhra fame becomes a PM instead of Mayawati of the Taj corridor fame? Does it make any change in the state of affairs?

I know I am being cynical and it is very easy to say that be the change you want to change. In behest, let me ask all my fellow bloggers to stop voting for criminals, even if they portray Gandhigiri in reel life. How much Gandhisim they show in real life is quite evident when they make regressive statements.

Then we have our self-appointed moral guards who have taken it upon themselves to maintain the tradition of the society. That it’s a different matter that a jeans and top cover more of your body than a midriff baring and cleavage showing saree-attire. But then these hooligans think that wearing a saree and sipping coconut water is my claim to being a true India.

I hope some day, one day, we will have an honest leader who will bring the change that we all want to see but so afraid to be.


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