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Invaluable Lessons – II

Miss Little Sunshine never fails to teach us valuable lessons. We may try to instill good manners in her but when we falter she quickly reprimands us.

The other day we were traveling to the market place, just a few minutes away from home. SO both of us didn’t bother to put the seat belt and MLS was quick to remind us “ seat belt dalo, police pakad lega”. Ahem!!!

The other day I asked hubs to pass me my cellphone. He just threw it on to the bed where I was reading a book. Quickly MLS said, “Cell nahin pheko, toot jayega”.

While in the car, her seven-year-old cousin tried to throw a piece of paper on the road. The lady was quick to remind him, “Bahar paper mat pheko, dustbin main dalo.”

And while going to bed, after saying goodnight, I forgot something essential. She was quick to say, “God Bless bolo”.

God Bless you, my Miss Little Sunshine. Without you the days would be drab and nights would be uninterrupted sleep (which I do not like anymore 🙂 )


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The Miss Little Sunshine is asking for a spoon. mama, absentmindedly, hands over a spoon to her from the utensils rack.
MLS says: Isko dho do (wash it, please). yeah, yeah mama taught you all about cleanliness and forgot it while bringing you up.

MLS is having a runny nose. mamma tries to make her blow on a big towel instead of a hankerchief.
MLS says: Nooooooooooooo. mera hanky lao {get my hanky, please}

Sorry MLS, mama always tries to be easy going than be prim and proper.

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