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A 23-month post

Let me celebrate your 23-month-old existence by a belated happy birthday post. ya, you turned 23 (month) on April 18 and mama, says this with a heavy heart that this is the last time you would be addressed as **-month-baby. I take pride in your growth but at the same time a little birdie inside me weeps, for soon you will fly away from the nest.

1. Would you still continue to kiss us on cheeks, then nose, followed by eyes, ears and head when you turn 23 years? Yes, that’s how you express your love not only to us but to anybody you take a fancy on.

2. Would you hug me tightly when you are 23 and utter, “mama MLS ko chod ke kahaan jaa rahe ho?”

3. At 23, would you still allow me to feed you and make me run amok the entire house?

4. Would you still remain your papa’s daughter and tease mama showing your tongue?

5. Would your breath still make me feel lost for words and offer a silent prayer to Almighty for sending this angel to our house?

My lil MLS, you have many more milestones to cross. Mama may sport a lot more grey hairs when you turn 23, but these are the few things, that will always make me want to hit the time machine.

PS: As far as your milestones go you are ready to join a school (you have been since you turned 1.8 years), can correctly put your sandles, is able to wear your pyjamas properly and expresses your likes and dislikes quite strongly. You have started identifying a few serials on TV (Roadies, Mr Bean) and knows how to bargain as well.


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The Miss Little Sunshine is asking for a spoon. mama, absentmindedly, hands over a spoon to her from the utensils rack.
MLS says: Isko dho do (wash it, please). yeah, yeah mama taught you all about cleanliness and forgot it while bringing you up.

MLS is having a runny nose. mamma tries to make her blow on a big towel instead of a hankerchief.
MLS says: Nooooooooooooo. mera hanky lao {get my hanky, please}

Sorry MLS, mama always tries to be easy going than be prim and proper.

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Sunshine Lingo- III

Miss Little Sunshine: Mama, soup peena hai

Me: Ok, Sunshine.

Miss Little Sunshine: Soup bana do

Well, this is the first time that Sunshine has asked me to cook something for her. Though she expresses her need to eat something or drink milk, she has never asked me to cook for her, until yesterday.


Mama is hurriedly getting ready for work, picks up a kurta from the wardrobe

Miss Little Sunshine: Yeh, pehnana hai?

Me: yes, baby.

Miss Little Sunshine: Ahaa, shoondar ( ahaa, how pretty)

Mama: I am shoondar/pretty?

Miss Little Sunshine: Nods her head in negative and points towards the kurta.

I swallow my words and turn towards the mirror.

The first favourite song of MLS is Massakali from Delhi 6. She does a great thumka and some twisting when massakali is played.

Y’day suddenly some Himesh song (he of the nasal fame) blurts out of the FM. MLS says “Uncle ro raha hai” (uncle is crying). Now if only the uncle understood what a 20-month-old could already gauge and stopped this atyachaar on us.

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