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Marriage and friendship

Do women cease to exist as individuals after marriage? Is it always the ‘couple’ and ‘family’ that comes into picture when we talk about partying, vacation and catching-up? I fail to understand why do many of my girlfriends suddenly became busy after their marriage. I am a working mom of a hyperactive 16-month baby and yet I enjoy catching up with friends, would take out time to meet them (without ‘family) and would love to go on a all-girls-holiday. It makes no sense to me when one of my friend who hasn’t got the time in 16 months to visit my baby because she seems to be ‘paralytic without her husband’. Every now and then when I call her she says she will make the plan with her husband and come to meet the baby. Now, she is a journalist who can travel to the remotest corner of the city without much trouble. I understand that both of them may want to meet my Miss Little Sunshine but that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit her twice. Now, she tells me her husband is out of town for 15 days so she will get the time to meet me. Hallelujah, am honoured!!!! And this is not a one-off case. I have seen so many of my friends entering a cocoon after their marriage. What has marriage got to do with keeping in touch with friends? Does ‘I’ take a backseat and ‘friends’ are completely to be ignored after marraige?


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