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The shortest maternity leave

A piece of news that caught my attention today morning.


Rachida Dati, the French Justice Minister, has not won many friends among women this week, at least, not among right-thinking women. Not only did she return to work five days after having a baby – by Caesarean section – she was characteristically svelte for her Cabinet meeting: dark, manicured nails, spindly black heels, a jacket with leopard-print lining, the works.

The newspaper Le Figaro, ungallantly pointed out that she has a bit of a tummy, but it’s hardly noticeable. Miss Dati has declared that she has no ambitions to be a role model for women. Just as well.

She is a controversial figure. She is believed to be the face of modern woman by many an ideal feminist. She is a single parent who still has not revealed the child’s father’s name and has risen to this rank from a poverty-ridden childhood. Whatever she has done is admirable. But till to that point.


Just taking a five-day maternity leave, instead of the official four-month leave given by France, Dati has set an example. She is back to work after a C-sec and is strutting around in her stilettos while waving her perfectly manicured hand. She is indeed to be lauded for her antics. I too had a c-sec and am still wondering how she managed to join work after 5-days of her surgery?


No, I am not being in awe of her physical stamina or grit. But, yes, I am thinking what kind of a woman it is to leave her five-day-old kid to join work? Three days must have been bed rest and the next two days would have been spent in personal grooming. It was indeed not dire circumstances which made her choose to abandon (yes, I say ABANDON) her child to the care of a nanny who will be putting a bottle every two hours. A baby, who doesn’t have a father by his side, is now deprived of motherly love too.


Do such women ever give it a thought what happens to the kid. You brought the child into this world you bloody well take care of him. Every child gets raised in a different manner, but, please don’t rob them of the absolute essentials of life. Please don’t give birth to a child if you can’t take care of the baby the way it should be. Please don’t, for babies are to cherished and loved, not delivered and left.


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