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For the past two days I have been mentally jotting down my Miss Litlle Sunshine’s achievements at 19 months. My bundle of joy do give me endless reason to shout at her but her sweet nothings leave me speechless. I am left choked at times with her pure love and adulation for me. The way she clings to me and rests her head on my shoulder relieves me of all the shoulder aches.


Her milestones:


  1. She is now completely potty trained as far as the shit business is concerned. She is disciplined and does the business in morning and night, right after having her bottle of milk. In between when the need arises she tells us she needs to do potty and would patiently till I take her to the toilet. Yes, she has started using the toilet for the big business. But as far as peeing is concerned she still has no control over her bowel. L

  2. She has become more obedient. She is less naughty and now has almost given some respite to her bratty side. Though the demonic side do resurface yet the intensity and incidences are too less and few.

  3. She identifies different weather conditions. She knows a steamy cup of tea is hot and an ice cream is ice-cold. She can tell me when she is feeling warm so that one pullover can be taken out and also when its too cold for her to wear socks.

  4. She has added ji to everyone’s name— so its mammaji, papaji, dadaji, auntiji for now. So mush so that she calls her younger cousin nishthaji. She has surely gone overboard with the ‘ji’ factor.

  5. She can sing ABCD lyrically though she is naughty and wont go beyond mid way and keeps saying “aiyo, aiyo”. Poems too have been started.

  6. Sentences have become longer and completely comprehensible. She understands everything that we say— in English, Hindi and Malyalam.

  7. She is becoming a TV addict. Has her few favourite ads and serials. It’s not a milestone, I guess. Reason to worry rather.

  8. She can eat spicy food to a certain extent. Chocolate too has been tasted by the diva. She is comfy with both but salty over sweet is what she prefers as of now.

  9. Tries to Read books. Check for figures and generally ask us where a particular thing is.

  10. Her favourite game is peek-a-boo where she covers her  eyes with her hands and will ask “S kahaan hai, S kahaan hai”?


  1. Her facial expressions can win her a National Award, hands down. She uses her eyes to her advantage and will break into a smile if she senses that you are upset with her. She will give you a hug and plant a kiss firmly on your cheek.


  1. She loves to go to the park or take a ride at her swing at home.


  1. She sleeps on her own, no need for a lullaby or rock and rollicking. Would put her bum on my face, rotate 360 degree, push herself to one corner, tries to scare herself by making funny noises by patting on the bedside and says “chowkidar”. Then she will make a face as she’s scared and would eventually sleep.


Targets to achieve


  1. Train her to control her bowel movements so as to inform us before peeing. Since I don’t use a diaper, except at night, she spoils at least 7 pair of socks and an equal number of pyjamas a day.
  2. Teach her colours and shapes. How does one do that……especially when one is telling the little one names of things at present?
  3. Introduce eggs and chicken in her diet. Had introduced eggs when she was one and she developed an allergic outburst.
  4. Curb co-sleeping. She had started sleeping in her cot but come winters and she wants to snuggle besides me. Though, I too love the warmth of her breath under my skin, I am worried if she will become a habitual co-sleeper.
  5. Make her go beyond “aiyo” while teaching alphabets.






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My Miss Little Sunshine

Yeah, she turns 16 months today. Another milestone!!!. I wonder how long will I be keeping tab of her milestones. Well, 16 is a special number. How will she be when she is sweet 16. As of now, she is a bundle of energy at 16 months.


My adorable cute little thing has started saying three word sentences, understands most part of the conversation and expresses her opinion strongly. She nods her head vehemently while saying no and yes is another strong head banging thing.


The cutest part is when she calls me lovingly ‘mamu’ or ‘mamaji’ Otherwoise it’s always mamaaaaa or mummmyyyyy. Only when she is in an indulgent mood does she bless me with those sweet little words. She calls her dad by his name, the way I address him. At times she calls papa as well. Her mamu (my brother) is always addressed by his first name and she thoroughly enjoys taking his name.


She has also started running ands its cute the way she runs d way Donald duck does. It is her favourite activity when she is in a cheerful mood. When upset, she doesn’t mind throwing a fit.


Naughty is an understatement for her. She is turning to be a bully who is not worried about pulling hair, especially to provoke reaction from others. I am worried at times about her bullying. Especially when her target is my SIL’s daughter who is a month younger to her. She loves pulling her hair and at times hitting her. She naughtily gives us a glance before undertaking the activity and we are ready to pounce on her shouting NO. But she goes ahead, nonetheless, making me n hubs wonder what should we do?


She is a darling and a brat. This we say in the same breath. I wish she grows to be a fine human being who is not a bully but also who doesn’t take any shit from anyone.


At 16 years, things may be different. My sweet little bundle will be struggling in the world. Trying to make people listen to her, which she does now also. Only the ways to the means would have changed.


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