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Missed milestones

Sorry MLS, i have not been very regular with updates. That you have been almost weaned from bottle feed when you started your preschool should have found a mention. For a couple of days you were completely off the bottle but you were hardly drinking any milk. Despite our repeated monkey acts all you could gulp down was half a glass of milk in the entire day. That you are just 2.3 and your bones need all the calcium couldn’t be negated. To top it you had just started school. So mama decided to keep your morning bottle feed intact and the rest of the day you are comfortable having your milk from a glass. Not that you drink milk from a glass with a smile but we have to tell you endless stories to make you gulp down a glass.

On the playgroup front you have fared very well. You cried your lungs out the first three days and mama was almost panicky. She thouhgt that maybe the school thing started a little too early for you and should have waited till you turned 3. But you proved me wrong on the fourth day. Though you threatened me that you will cry you were an angel when your cab arrived. You happily went away but a quizzical expression was still rooted on your face. Now you look forward to going to playschool. Before leaving for school every day you threaten me that you will cry but go away quite happily. When mama asks you what you did in school, your response is usuallly “Pata nahin kya kiya”. Though you tell me that you wished your madam, I wonder how much of it is true.


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A 23-month post

Let me celebrate your 23-month-old existence by a belated happy birthday post. ya, you turned 23 (month) on April 18 and mama, says this with a heavy heart that this is the last time you would be addressed as **-month-baby. I take pride in your growth but at the same time a little birdie inside me weeps, for soon you will fly away from the nest.

1. Would you still continue to kiss us on cheeks, then nose, followed by eyes, ears and head when you turn 23 years? Yes, that’s how you express your love not only to us but to anybody you take a fancy on.

2. Would you hug me tightly when you are 23 and utter, “mama MLS ko chod ke kahaan jaa rahe ho?”

3. At 23, would you still allow me to feed you and make me run amok the entire house?

4. Would you still remain your papa’s daughter and tease mama showing your tongue?

5. Would your breath still make me feel lost for words and offer a silent prayer to Almighty for sending this angel to our house?

My lil MLS, you have many more milestones to cross. Mama may sport a lot more grey hairs when you turn 23, but these are the few things, that will always make me want to hit the time machine.

PS: As far as your milestones go you are ready to join a school (you have been since you turned 1.8 years), can correctly put your sandles, is able to wear your pyjamas properly and expresses your likes and dislikes quite strongly. You have started identifying a few serials on TV (Roadies, Mr Bean) and knows how to bargain as well.

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