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Miss Little Sunshine is growing too fast too soon. Today morning, I had the realisation when I saw her sprawled on the bed and saw her photgraph which was clicked when she was barely 2 months old hanging on the wall. She is now 2.2 years and soon she would be 22. As the hubs said the other day, I wish time stands still as far as MLS is concerned, we want to savour her childhood more and just dont want to let go of it.

At 26 months she is a chatterbox, yeah even at 16 months she was one. Now she is oh-so-ready to head to the playschool and I just keep postponing the entire thing. I feel once she heads to the school she will soon fly out of the nest. Mama’s lil one would become too worldly wise too soon.

She has started liking TV a lot more (reason for me to dread) and enjoys music channels and her stories. These days I have learnt to distratct her whenever she throws a fit. Often it works for me. I have invented a naughty boy called “billu bhaiyya” for her who is extremely naughty and moral of the tantrum is weaved into a story. I narrate the story effectively fitting it into the current situation and viola she soon forgets her rage.

The one big milestone that I have to cross now is to stop her feeding bottle. She still has milk from her bottle and I really want her to do away with it before we hit playway.


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Dear God,

I have always wanted to thank you for sending me the most beautiful rose from your lawn. Sadly, I always keep postponing it for either I am too hardpressed for time or I have already written thousands of words as a journo that I have no more energy to pen any further. But allow me to thank you today and let me tell you how the rose bud that you sent me across two years back is doing:

* She is the prettiest of all the roses that I have ever seen in my life. When she calls me lovingly, mamu, my heart melts away. Did you tell her to address me like that to get away from my rage.
* She is naughty to the hilt, she will climb on stools and try to fiddle with the gas knob, turn off television and even tries to balance herself on her cycle. She is adventurous to the hilt never worried about her safety. Did you tell her giving her time out should not deter her from her dangerous pursuits?
* She is the most friendly child in the neighbourhood so much so that everyone is her aunty, uncle, grandparents or bhiya and didi. Was she the talkative most in your lawn?
* She has become quite independent. She can put on her trousers, wear her shoes, combs her hair and eats her food. Were other flowers getting jealous of her?

Thank you God for giving me my Miss Little Sunshine. I never knew how these two years went by. Please give me a little more:

• Strength to carry on with her infectious energy.
• Patience to deal with her eccentricities.
• Courage to say No to her and not to alter my decision.
• Wisdom to guide her through the path of honesty, loyalty, compassion and love.
• Humility to pass down to her.

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Yes, the hubs can’t get enough of Miss Little Sunshine. Today morning we hurridely packed her bags and dropped her at her naani’s place, a few kilometres from my place. We wanted her to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday with her at her grandma’s place. After we head to our offices, I get a call from husb.

Me: Hi honey, what plans of evening, now that we are alone…

Husb: Can we go and meet MLS.

Me: OK, what if she cries to come along?

Husb: We will get her back and then maybe… maybe drop her back on Sunday.

Me: Hmmmmmmm

Husb: Please can i be with her?

Me: OK (With a wide grin on face).

We think on the same track. After dropping her, I was wondering what we will do the entire evening. Ahem, was there ever a life before MLS happened? What did we used to do on weekends then?

*Sigh* I guess we both can’t get enough of her though she is happy to be anywhere than her own house …. Such is life dearies.

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Of this and that

This 22-month-old lil baby of mine has suddenly grown big. She is now the leader of a group of kids, aged between 9 to 16, who go round for evening walks in the society where we stay. Miss Little Sunshine has loads of friends and is a favourite with her Manu Bhaiya, Swaati didi, monini didi (mohini), iman bhaiya (Himang) and shuti didi (shruti). They take her to the park and play bat-ball with her. She can’t get enough of them and neither are they tired of dancing to her tunes. Thanks to MLS, we now know a lot of our neighbours.

MLS: “Where are you going, mama?

Me: Office

MLS: Mujhe naai leke jaa rahe?

Me: Aap chotta baby ho

At this she points to her five-month old picture on the wall and says :WOh Chotta baby hai.” I am big, i can go to office.

MLS wanted to know where the uncle ( a Kathakali mask that hangs on one of our walls) pees? I am speechless.


MLS is a big chatterbox, calls out to everyone and wants to be the centre of attention. She simply loves the park or playing outside. Making her sit inside the house is a task in itself.

She loves soup, juice and ice-cream. She is not very fond of non-veg and dislikes paneer as well. God, what will I do? every night she asks for an ice-cream and soup or juice every evening.

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Maid dilemmas

I guess finding a maid in Delhi is as difficult as making Miss Little Sunshine (MLS) finish her complete meal. Both are impossible tasks, both require oodles of patience and time, both demand ferocious energy to deal with the eventual outcomes and both leave you exasperated and gasping for breath.

I was oblivious to the world of stay-at-home maids till the time I got pregnant. That’s when my MIL, who stays close-by, informed me that if I intend to leave MLS behind for work then I better keep a maid at home. i was alos informed about the difficulties of finding one and how I should start searching the moment I got pregnant. I didn’t pay any heed to her advice as the thought of a third adult in our cosy home was too much to swallow. Being a two bedroom apartment, I felt we would hardly have any privacy left. But like all things that come attached with the pregnancy the maid issue was dealt with quite serioslu, especially by my MIL, who spread the word far and around that I need a stay at home maid. Her logic with the part-timers being they would skip work, never be on time and would not be there late at night. Eventually, I got one when I was just 6 months pregnant and my MIL bounced on her as if she is a precious gem to be treasured and kept away from all prying eyes of our neighbours. Thankfully, she turned out to be a nice girl who looked after MLS till she was seven months old. Before leaving for work, I used to drop my maid and MLS at my parents-in-law’s place and used to pick them up in the evening. Everything was smooth till she declared she was going back home. All hell broke loose as we started our maid hunt again.

A series of girls/women/ came and went away, if I think correctly at least 8 people left before I finally got a lady who took care of MLS. I paid a huge amount of commission to the agency guy’s to get maids. I lost some money, a digicam and couple of knick-knacks with every maid gone wrong. Now these agency’s that run maid services are neither registered nor take any onus of sending a trained maid. They lie blatantly and usually try to make a fool of us. So after a series of misses, I got the right lady who looked after MLS till the last month.

Now she has gone to her hometown, promising me to return in 3 months. I have kept a new maid, again after paying a huge commission to the agency, and she is driving me nuts. MLS doesnt go to her and she has no clue how to make tea or even cut veggies. My in-laws too are tired of making her learn things. Why do these women come to work if they don’t want to? Why do they drive us against the wall all the time? My maid hunt continues……….I wonder how other working moms are dealing with the maid dilemmas.

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The Miss Little Sunshine is asking for a spoon. mama, absentmindedly, hands over a spoon to her from the utensils rack.
MLS says: Isko dho do (wash it, please). yeah, yeah mama taught you all about cleanliness and forgot it while bringing you up.

MLS is having a runny nose. mamma tries to make her blow on a big towel instead of a hankerchief.
MLS says: Nooooooooooooo. mera hanky lao {get my hanky, please}

Sorry MLS, mama always tries to be easy going than be prim and proper.

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Sunshine Lingo- IV

Chaap ut, says Miss Little Sunshine

And the hubs and I are silenced!!!

Well, we were driving to a friend’s place on Saturday and were having our usual inane argument over something. MLS, in my lap, noted our heated argument and just said “Chaap ut”, which in the Sunshine land means “Shut up”.

So, we the parents took cue and behaved ourselves.

We often say shut up to each other when we are having an argument but we never realised when our 21-month–old daughter picked it up. So much so that she knew exactly when to use the phrase, not considering the fact that she still can’t pronounce the word correctly.

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