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Turning Five

And I am back, once again. These long absences from the blogging world is not just sheer laziness but the fact that I write for a living. So I would rather read in my spare time than write again. But write I have to. Write, I will. For you. My Milss Little Sunshine.

You turned 5 last week. What a joy it is to see you grow. And with it a part of me also dies every day thinking that soon you will flap your wings and fly off.

No, I am not going to suffer from an Empty Nest Syndrome. But I just want to cuddle you all the time, harass you with sloppy kisses, lift you up and just feed you small tiny bites of food. But these things are slowly becoming a passé. Lifting you isn’t as easy as it used to be. You are your individual now and would like to eat on your own than let me feed you. Then hugging you and kissing will not happen according to my whims. Though more often than not you are nice and allow me to distress you, but then I know this physical pampering will slowly fade away. Sigh

Love is such a selfish thing. It always wants to own everything. Possess everything. And such is maternal love that it learns to outgrow being possessive. For 9 months, I was the only one who possessed you. I learnt to share you with your dad, grandparents, family, and now your friends. As years grow by, more people will be added into your life. Follow your heart and I shall follow you.


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Being Mommy

Today the MLS had to enact the role of a mother to two boys in a small skit. We were quite excited about drapping her in a saree, putting some make up, and the works. She was most excited about putting the nail paint as she loves colour on her nails. She was quite worried when I put on lipstick. She said now it won’t go away and how it’s going to take too long and that she is going to drink loads of water so that its wiped away instantly.

Anyway’s the performance in school was on monsoons and all the kiddies dressed in myraid hues just added to the beautiful day. The proud parents sat is hushed silence even as each performance was enacted. MLS was a rockstar with no stage fright. Some wept, some forgot their lines and some shined. MLS belonged to the last category.

She walked in the saree like a pro and wanted to hold her pallu in her arm just as some socialities do. But good sense prevailed and she realised she wouldn’t be able to do any actions if she went like that. The girl surely knows her fashion and didn’t want kajal in her eyes as she said it will make her eyes all black.

So some performance it was, and there are now many more to come.

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Where everyone has a dad

MLS was telling me something about her day in school when she told me an incident. “Mama, today Ronika madam’s dad called. And I couldn’t stop laughing.” I was a bit worried. What was so funny about it, I asked. She goes on saying, “Madam’s papa called, it was funny.” Her next question was, “How can Madam have papa?”

Then I had to tell her just like her dad and mom have their respective dads, even her madam is entitled to a dad. Then the young mind wanted to know if everyone in this world had a dad. I said yes. To which the next question was if birds and animals also had dads. Yes, my dear. For the moment she just needs to know about it. Nothing more than this!

It is another story for another day that there are orphans too in this world— just as the 10-year-old who lost both her parents that day and has to look after her three siblings including an infant.

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Parenting perils

There is all this brouhaha over parenting. There is this school of thought that says spare the rod and spoil the child. Then there are a set of parents who believe that saying ‘no’ to a child is not the right approach to parenting. As far as I am concerned, I don’t go by any rulebook. Though there are certain things which I often would like to do without giving any heed whatsoever to the rulebook.

I have my days when MLS is given a tight spank on the bum or even a slap on cheek. Though I regret it later, in the heat of the moment, I lose all my control. The instances which make me mad and lose all patience is when she refuses to get ready on time even as her school bus is about to reach doorstep or when she refuses a meal even as I am hurrying to get her ready and head to office.

Now, I know yelling or spanking a child is not the right way to get things done. But from where do you bring patience when your life is a roller-coaster ride all along. Most working moms would agree that time is a crucial factor them. For that matter even SAHMs too have their strict schedules. In this age of instant gratification and a marathon race, where does one find the patience to sit with a child when he or she is throwing a tantrum? My MIL has a favourite saying, “Parenting is a book and each stage is a chapter. The problems with kids would always remain, it’ just a new chapter with every stage.” Yeah, I know. When she was an infant I longed for her to be a toddler so that all those feeding and nappy changing could come to an end. Now that she is a toddler, I long for her to be a bit more mature so that she values time.

God, it’s a never ending saga. But for all this cribbing, when my lil MLS comes and rubs her nose on my cheeks and plants a kiss, I know I am blessed. All my hardships just melt away in the twinkle of her eyes.

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Come, my friend

Well, that’s what she called her dad one day.

And her other friends are the stray dogs and ants. If a stray is outside our house, MLS promptly would want to feed the dog. She would coax me into taking out a bowl of milk and bread. She would the feed the stray to its heart’s content and would keep on patting the animal in a matronly fashion. The other day a she saw a spider spinning its web around an ant and came running to her dad, “help my friend”, “who spider ant ko kha raha hai”. She couldn’t rest till the time the said spider was shoved away.

Hours pass into days, days into months and months into years. MLS is already 3 years and two months. In a couple of months we will go through the biggest trauma of her schooling years—the big bad world of nursery admissions. In Delhi, it is scenario which gives every parent of three-year-old sleepless nights. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to cross this hurdle with ease.

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Letters to my daughter – I

The idea of writing this letter came to my mind from a fellow blogger Parul. She had beautifully penned down a few points for her daughter who turned 1 month last week. Here I am, sitting like a lazy duck, not telling you what I wish you to do and be like.

Read this carefully, for it wouldn’t be everyday that I will remind you about these things.
• Life is never a bed of roses for anyone, so thank God for what you have and not crib about what you don’t.
• Never waste anything—be it food, water or electricity. There are many people out there who live without these basic elements in their life.
• Learn to laugh at yourself. You will never be short of friends.
• Good friends are as important as your family. So never prioritise between the two.
• Stand up and sing along when the national anthem plays, irrespective of who else is doing it.
• Never abuse your nation, it is as bad as abusing your mother. Don’t think what your country has given you, instead wonder what you have done for your country to deserve anything better.
• Follow two things passionately—reading and traveling. Nothing can replace the joy of a good book and striking random conversation with a stranger about a scenic locale.
• Respect everyone – the maids, drivers, sweepers, shopkeepers. Your job is as important as theirs.
• Say please and thank you.
• Don’t be scared to own up. Failures are what make us the person that we are for hadn’t it been for those nasty monsters we wouldn’t have know how angelic life is.

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Chronicles of motherhood

What do I blog about Miss Little Sunshine who does a dozen things a day which are potential posts, yet, when I sit down to pen them it just gets completely erased completely from my mind. Post motherhood, I tend to forget things pretty easily. At times, I have trouble remembering a face, at times it’s the name and sometimes bits of conversation. Don’t know if it’s only a phase or the beginning of certain diseases.

Coming back to the point, the MLS is getting into a mode of self-authority. She is quite assertive about her choices and would rather not budge from them. Be it what she would like to eat, wear or hear (stories). She has also become appreciative and shows her genuine affection to people who matter to her. Last week, I was away on an official trip for three days and the moment I enetered home, she smothered me with kisses and said ‘I like you a lot’. Perhaps, it was her way of telling me how much I matter to her. Those are the moments I live for. The never ending morning sickness, agony of a C-sec, countless sleepless nights and the emotional, physical and mental scars of post partum just seem so trivial in front of this pure love. Blessed are the people who can experience such pure joy in their lives. It’s a love which is unbiased, selfless and regardless of how much you scold or smack them, they will curl up to you at the end of the day.

MLS, I don’t know how life existed before you but surely each day with you is etched in my memory. At least, I try to imprint it in my mind.

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