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Turning Five

And I am back, once again. These long absences from the blogging world is not just sheer laziness but the fact that I write for a living. So I would rather read in my spare time than write again. But write I have to. Write, I will. For you. My Milss Little Sunshine.

You turned 5 last week. What a joy it is to see you grow. And with it a part of me also dies every day thinking that soon you will flap your wings and fly off.

No, I am not going to suffer from an Empty Nest Syndrome. But I just want to cuddle you all the time, harass you with sloppy kisses, lift you up and just feed you small tiny bites of food. But these things are slowly becoming a passé. Lifting you isn’t as easy as it used to be. You are your individual now and would like to eat on your own than let me feed you. Then hugging you and kissing will not happen according to my whims. Though more often than not you are nice and allow me to distress you, but then I know this physical pampering will slowly fade away. Sigh

Love is such a selfish thing. It always wants to own everything. Possess everything. And such is maternal love that it learns to outgrow being possessive. For 9 months, I was the only one who possessed you. I learnt to share you with your dad, grandparents, family, and now your friends. As years grow by, more people will be added into your life. Follow your heart and I shall follow you.


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Chronicles of motherhood

What do I blog about Miss Little Sunshine who does a dozen things a day which are potential posts, yet, when I sit down to pen them it just gets completely erased completely from my mind. Post motherhood, I tend to forget things pretty easily. At times, I have trouble remembering a face, at times it’s the name and sometimes bits of conversation. Don’t know if it’s only a phase or the beginning of certain diseases.

Coming back to the point, the MLS is getting into a mode of self-authority. She is quite assertive about her choices and would rather not budge from them. Be it what she would like to eat, wear or hear (stories). She has also become appreciative and shows her genuine affection to people who matter to her. Last week, I was away on an official trip for three days and the moment I enetered home, she smothered me with kisses and said ‘I like you a lot’. Perhaps, it was her way of telling me how much I matter to her. Those are the moments I live for. The never ending morning sickness, agony of a C-sec, countless sleepless nights and the emotional, physical and mental scars of post partum just seem so trivial in front of this pure love. Blessed are the people who can experience such pure joy in their lives. It’s a love which is unbiased, selfless and regardless of how much you scold or smack them, they will curl up to you at the end of the day.

MLS, I don’t know how life existed before you but surely each day with you is etched in my memory. At least, I try to imprint it in my mind.

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Mama’s first tag

Hey MLS, this is mama’s first tag and what better than motherhood as a subject to write on. The very lovable, GoofyMama, has tagged me to write the five high points in motherhood. Well, it’s unfair to summarise in five points yet the crunchier the better for you to read MLS. Am sure you would be hard-pressed for time when you would be reading mama’s blog.

Five Things I love being about mother

1. Motherhood gave me you, my bundle of joy. I just love your smile and shiny eyes. The content look on your face is unmatchable to any joy in this world.

2. The way you snuggle up to me and bury your cute face on my nape. The way you fiddle with my ears, hold me tightly and kiss me goodbye, your unconditional love simply melts my heart beyond words.

3. Due to motherhood, I can take pride in the fact that I owned you first, I was the one who first felt you and for 9 months you were solely mine.

4. Motherhood taught me the virtues of patience, caring and courage. Three qualities I discover everyday making me push myself beyond my limits to reach out.

5. I take pride in motherhood for I do not worry about my jelly-like tummy or stretch marks, for without them I wouldn’t have got the most beautiful child in this world.

Since I am not avidly read by many, I do not tag anyone. However any mommy reading this is free to post a comment on motherhood or take up the tag.

Thanks GM once again for this beautiful tag.

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