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Award time

I have rarely written about myself in this blog. But when one of my favourite blogger Kiran awarded me the ‘Honest Scrap’ award , I couldn’t help but think about myself and pen down things. First, I would like to thank K for this wonderful award. Coming from someone whose blog is a must read everyday, it means a lot to me. I am delighted and since it’s an honest scrap it’s easy to write about.
For the honest scrap award, I need to list out ten honest things about myself that no one knows about and I need to pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

First things first

1. While in college, I never thought I could step out of house without eyeline, lipstick and heels. Motherhood has taught me that kajal is quicker to apply than a liner and having chipped nailpaint on toes is no crime.

2. Post pregnancy, I can’t sleep beyond 6 hours at a stretch, no matter how much tired I am or how much I would love to laze around.

3. The only time I get to read my books are during my 1 hour metro rides to and fro from workplace.

4. I am technologically-challenged. I have an i-pod (gift, obviously) which I rarely use, I can’t upload pics from digicam to my comp and I hate reading e-books.

5. I strive to lose weight but my will power is the weakest when it comes to food.

6. My greatest nightmare is being stuck in a lift.

7. I fear dying an invalid. I want to leave this world in the pink of my health.

8. My spending hasn’t changed with the rising income. I still spend on the same things as I used to when I was earning 2000 bucks a month.

9. My intuitive power is strong. I can often sense negative vibes from thousand miles if a person is upset with me.

10. I hate ‘me’ time. I like being surrounded by friends or family.

I would like to pass this on to
1. Cudddles Mom
2. D
3. Solilo
4. Parul
5. Chandni
6. Mona
7. Ceekay
8. Sraikh
9. Kopili
10. Tharini


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Lost & Found

Two of my favourite bloggers kiran and Chandni have written about what they have gained and dropped in the past few years. An introspective journey, one that made me want to think deeper and find out what I have lost and gained over these years.

I have lost many fairweather friends who were there till it lasted. Relationships that were meant to stand the test of time withered away while trying to make a career and raise a family.

I have lost my surname. Yes, i dropped my surname as surnames have never mattered to me. One is given by your father and another by your husband. So what difference does it really make to my individuality?

I have lost the fire in my belly to head the rat race. Yes, I had been a career-oriented girl who’s only ambition now is to raise Miss Little Sunshine as a humble human-being.

I have lost ‘love’ and yet has come out finding solace in the arms of someone who lend a shoulder during those days.

I have lost time……..which I could have utilised to read so much more, to travel so much more and to love so much more.

Not all’s lost though…

I have found some wonderful friends who have showed me what life is all about. they may be seven seas apart yet they are my mates who know how to bring a smile on my lips.

I have found blogger friends who make every day so much of a learning experience. My day is not complete without meeting them in the blogsphere. With some the association has moved beyond the blogosphere and I cant be more thankful about it.

I have found what it means to give birth to a child and WHAT IT MEANS to raise a child as a selfless soul.

I have found peace in everything around me.

I have found the zealous attitude for life……..to make each moment so much more worth living…….to cherish everything around me and to thank almighty for his blessings.

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These days my life is a whirlwind of activity. There is hardly any moment spent spare, reflecting on my thoughts or deed. I have never been this busy in my life. I guess iot may be phase, one that will pass, soon.

I have forgotten how it feels to enjoy a nice cup of tea early in the morning.

I cannot recollect when was the last time I sat down and ate my breakfast in peace.

I cannot remember enjoying the metro ride without a book in my hand. Since reading is the most cherished activity, I have dutifully relegated my metro hour to reading. The only time when I get to read anything in peace.

I cannot remember when was it last that I spent more than five minutes in the shower. There have been days when I have skipped applying moisturizer too.

I have stopped coordinating my bags, clothes, shoes and accessories. I don’t even remember the number of earrings I own, or for that matter even the number of shoes or bags. I have never repeated the same set of earrings, shoes or bag for this long.

When did I last watch television? Yeah, when I was in the gym, running on the treadmill and reading the ticker on the news channel.

When I did I last spend five minutes on my hair, filed my nails or removed the chipped nailpaint?

Life’s been on a fast-forward mode for the past so many months that I have forgotten how it feels to hit the pause button.

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Nine months and a C-sec

I write this post after a few weeks of frenzied activity. This is a post dedicated to you, my lovely, who in the past two years has dominated our lives and has changed it to the extent that we often wonder whether there was ever a life before you.

The day I learnt I was pregnant, we were ecstatic. For some peculiar reason I had always thought I will have problems conceiving. But it was not the case to be. When we decided on having a baby, you quickly planted yourself in my womb within a few weeks.

There began the endless days of morning sickness. Days when all I have would be a banana or a few spoons of rice. Those were really horrible days. I would wake up pucking and sleep after vomiting my lungs out. I used to travel around with a vomit bag. Your dad used to drop me to work where I would spend a few hours juggling work and endless trips to the loo. Most of the time it would be just bile as I hardly ate anything those days. The joke around the friends’ would be “click yourself for you are never going to be so thin ever again.” Those were frustrating four months which I would spent crying quite often .

Then came the second trimester, the pleasantest of all. It was the time when my vomiting subsided and I started enjoying food. I gobbled down food to compensate for those 3-4 odd months of starvation. Towards the end of this trimester I had started feeling slight movements. The first time you moved inside we both jumped with joy.

The last trimester saw my bump enlarging to a proportion where I thought it would just burst out soon. People asked if was carrying twins? I wondered what your weight would be. I had happily piled on 22 kgs (only 15 lost till now) and looked no less than a rolling football when I walked.

I desperately wanted to have a normal delivery. But as per my doc, your heartbeat had started dropping and you were still quite up. They said a C-sec was the best option to go for. Since I dreaded all kinds of pains, I happily agreed, only to realise later that giving birth to a baby, c-sec or natural, comes with its baggage of pain, bruises and stitches. I couldn’t walk around properly without help for the first five days.

The first time they handed over you to me, I was relieved to see that angelic face and that everything was normal (I used to be paranoid). That was my trophy, the fruit of my womb, who now has a couple of slaves at her disposal.

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This is a tag that i have lifted upon on my own. After reading about it at Parul and then later at Kiran’s and Chandni’s blog, I thought I too had to pick this up. This talks about five things tht you love about yourself. Since we often spend a lifetime figuring out why we love someone, I have never really thought what I love about myself. This tag gave me an opportunity to explore the true me and find out what lies beneath.

1. Honesty: I take pride in the fact that I have rarely lied in my life. I haven’t ever been able to carry off a lie with elan. No matter how much I like to hide things, if confronted, I would sing lime a canary. Perhaps the reason why mom knew all about my dates and still have never really taken a medical leave without actually falling sick.

2. Genorosity: I do not like so much to write about this but I believe we all should be generous. We should lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible. You have a blessed lifge, someone else doesn’t so why not share it with others. I always think about this quote: I always looked down upon my ragged shoes till the time I saw a man with no feet.

3. Friendships: I love my friends and being a true blue Leo I am loyal till my last breath. I cherish my friendships and would take an extra effort to be in touch and spend some memorable time with my friends. Unlike many people I know, I love the fact that my ability to keep alive long-lost friendships, is an admirable thing about me.

4. Non-fussy: I a a very adaptable person who adjusts to the situations. I like people who are not fussy in life. Make the most of life and not spend time cribbing about things that can;t be changed.

5. Self-confidence: I think I am a confident person who believes that she can strive in any difficult situation. I am a die-hard optimist who believes that there is a rainbow after rain.

What do you like about yourself? Go figure out, coz u hardly do that, people.

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30 things in the 30th year

It is an idea copied from a few of my fellow bloggers. And I want to write it down for posterity. Even if I am able to manage 15 things out of the 30 this year then I would consider myself a success. Some of them may just overlap with things that I would like to do in the next 30 years. 30 is a magical figure, I love it  So here goes the list

1. Go white water rafting.

2. Visit Vaishno Devi and Venice.

3. Visit Kerala, Laddakh, Daman and Shillong. Well that covers the four corners of our country.

4. Go on a foreign holiday (Singapore, Bali, Mauritius,,,,,,,,, anywhere will do)

5. Write a book.

6. Go on an all-girls vacation.

7. Go on a solo back-packing trip.

8. Learn swimming and driving (yeah, I am outdated….don’t know either).

9. Learn salsa or jazz, preferably with hubs.

10. Bake a cake (all my previous experiments in the microwave have turned Rock On!!!)

11. Learn to cook lip-smacking Chinese and Italian dishes.

12. Finish reading Atlas Shrugged, One Hindered years of Solitude, War and Peace.

13. Shed 10 kilos and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.

14. Learn to be more patient and calm.
15. Learn power yoga, ashtanga yoga, pilates and tai chi (even learning one this year would make me happy)

16. Buy a ruby and emerald set/ kundan set.

17. Try to be yummy mummy for the bunny.

18. Adopt a sport into my hectic schedule (badminton, TT, swimming).

19. Go on a cruise/ wildlife safari.

20. Plan a school reunion where everyone comes with their spouse and kids.

21. Develop a taste for everything brown……brown rice, brown bread, flax seeds………..
22. See at least two of the Seven Wonders of the World.

23. Attend an Art of Living workshop.

24. Discover my spiritual side — adopt meditation.

25. Buy a house, anywhere in the world but BUY

26. Attend a concert.

27. Develop a taste for sushi.

28. Donate more often (blood, clothes, time, money)
29. Associate myself with an NGO.
30. Do a new course, study further.

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