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Where everyone has a dad

MLS was telling me something about her day in school when she told me an incident. “Mama, today Ronika madam’s dad called. And I couldn’t stop laughing.” I was a bit worried. What was so funny about it, I asked. She goes on saying, “Madam’s papa called, it was funny.” Her next question was, “How can Madam have papa?”

Then I had to tell her just like her dad and mom have their respective dads, even her madam is entitled to a dad. Then the young mind wanted to know if everyone in this world had a dad. I said yes. To which the next question was if birds and animals also had dads. Yes, my dear. For the moment she just needs to know about it. Nothing more than this!

It is another story for another day that there are orphans too in this world— just as the 10-year-old who lost both her parents that day and has to look after her three siblings including an infant.


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Sunshine Lingo- IV

Chaap ut, says Miss Little Sunshine

And the hubs and I are silenced!!!

Well, we were driving to a friend’s place on Saturday and were having our usual inane argument over something. MLS, in my lap, noted our heated argument and just said “Chaap ut”, which in the Sunshine land means “Shut up”.

So, we the parents took cue and behaved ourselves.

We often say shut up to each other when we are having an argument but we never realised when our 21-month–old daughter picked it up. So much so that she knew exactly when to use the phrase, not considering the fact that she still can’t pronounce the word correctly.

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