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The Year that was….

I started the year by remaining awake. But I couldn’t catch the sunrise owing to a very foggy winter morning in Delhi. Being awake, chatting with cousins was the best way to celebrate the New year’s eve. Aah, how it refreshes the soul, no-bar-holds conversation with your loved ones. WHat started as a game of Truth or Dare became a game of Truth only as nobody wanted to take the Dare option yet everyone dared to bare it all. WOW, thanks guys for making it a special year….

It was a year of mixed bags. It was a year where we saw the worst ever terrorist attacks, a year where history was created when Obama became the prseident of the United States, a year where the stock market started with a 20K heading to cross the 25 mark but ended by at 8K, it was also a year when people like Raj Thackarey wanted Marathi manoos in Mumbai but ended up going into hiding when his services were required. It was also a year where many bomb blasts rocked the nation but a year when the youth of the nation came out in strong numbers to vote.

On a personal note, it was a year when my daughter took her first steps, spoke her first sentences and we celebrated her first birthday. The waistline expanded and the waste ended up in our collective tummy (me and hubs). It was a year when I changed my job and had a fresh lease of life. It was a year when many new friendships was cultivated and the fruits of labour are yet to be cherished.

It was a year where holidays were an enjoyment for Miss Little Sunshine made an entry into the official list. The baggage to be carried around doubled and so did the chores, yet all were done with a smile.

And my goals for the year………..hmmmmmmmmm…….maybe another post on it.

here’s wishing everyone a Happy New year, a year filled with new hopes, good health and better finances.


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