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Sunshine Lingo- II

Kya Mast Hai………and I am flabbergasted. 


Yes, that’s what my 20-month-old daughter said when she saw me trying a pair of trousers. Now, I am not sure whether my ear got it wrong or she actually said it but my brother who overheard her, too thought the same.


God, where am I heading? We both repeated the word mast and asked her what she was saying and she again said, “Kya Mast Hai.” So much for our polished and refined speaking in front of her!!!! From where the hell did she pick up the phrase????? I have no clue. I am left flummoxed at her comment at the appropriate moment though I am absolutely sure that she doesn’t understand the meaning or the context in which she used that phrase.


She also says “Oye Teri” when she is overwhelmingly excited. Now I know this is something that I say often but now she has also picked that phrase making me the subject of social embarrassment (that’s what the hubs says, though I find it very cool). The girl is becoming a big nautanki, Oops, there I go again……… I have to watch out my tongue!!!!


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