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Empty nest syndrome

yes, the first steps towards an empty nest were taken today. Little Miss Sunshine, all of 2.3 went to her playway today. My little girl has already stepped out of the home and mama returned with a heavy heart.

the day started with hectic activity, what with the husb being out of town and yours truly left to get a toddler ready for her first big day. At 9.00 am we were ready to go, with mama showing a strong face though she was crumbling inside. The pickup cab arrived and MLS was duly seated inside and she kept saying “Mama,aap bhi chalo” and she had this puzzled expression on her face while the door of the cab was being shut. It was like a million questions crossed her mind , “where is my mama sending me”? and Mama returned to an empty house that was devoid of the chitter-chatter. And then I cried and cried bucketloads. I don’t understand what is it with being a momma? Are we mothers so weak when it comes to the spawn of our womb? I called my mom and had a heart-on-heart.

decided to work from home as anxious mama would have fainted if she had not seen MLS while returning from school. At 12.45, MLS was duly dropped and she was all smiling and beaming, saying she wants to go to school tommorow. Ahhhhh…..what a relief. So much tears were shed on the girl who came back to tell me she has lots of friends in school, etc.

And soon this lil birdie will fly out of the nest……..


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Playway, no play

Last week we went playschool hunting for her. Yeah, she will turn 2.3 this month and God knows by the time the girl turned 1.6 years, she was ready to hit the turf. But this whole playschool thing has upset me a lot. To begin with she will have to spend two years in playway as she would turn 3 only in May 2010 while March is the deadline for age limit. So we have been told that two years is what she needs to spend in a playway.

So mama, papa and the cub set out playway hunting. We sampled three schools in three hours and were left tired and confused.

Palyway A: The school is a stone’s throwaway from our house. This is the school where MLS’s nephew has also gone. School surveyed, toilets checked, classrooms inspected. The teachers here looked a bit horrified and seemed in no mood to entertain a two year old. The administrator who was taking us around was a sweet lady but that’s about it.

Playway B: It’s an international chain and need we say more. The fee is double and the joining expenses are four times to what we would pay in A. The teachers were friendly but the ball area was not very clean. I twitched my nose and was informed that kids have dumped toffee wrappers just a while ago. Two much focus on being politically correct, is the impression with which I walked out.

Playway C: A friend’s son studies here and it is a leading Indian chain of playway schools. The school provides its own meals, has a small dining table and all kids eat their meals together. The administrator, who refused to smile even to MLS, said in stern voice that they take their kids for many educational tours like visits to ATMs, fire stations, petrol pumps, etc. WTF!!!! Why do two or three year olds have to go to these places???? I asked her whether they take kids to museums, zoo or parks and I was promptly told, “NO, but we do take them to McDonald’s” WOW, need I say more about the school.

Husb says let’s go for B and I say A. As for MLS she wants to go to a big school in a big bus. We are both confused and have now deferred the plan till September.

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