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Of lipsticks and dogs

There are politicians and then there are more politicians. They all suffer from the foot in the mouth disease. The Mumbai terror attack has just brought forth many of them in the limelight, all for the wrong reasons. First the ex deputy CM of Maharashtra says that “such small incidents do happen in big cities. This is no matter of intelligence failure”. Hallellujah!!!! God save me, I just want to ask what would a big disaster have meant for him?

Then there was the ex-CM of Maharashtra who promoted terror tourism by inviting his filmstar son and a director while going to Taj to check the carnage. Wow!!! Maybe the director would now cast his son as an NSG commando or something in his next movie that may be on the terror strikes. The CM, sorry ex-CM, had the audacity to say that he hadn’t taken any terrorists along. Thanks, Mr Deshmukh for showing this consideration.

Then we have our Kerala CM who went to visit Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s house to offer condolences. He was shown the door by the upset father and the poor CM couldn’t digest it. The CM, Achuttanthan went on record to say that had it not been for Major Unnikraishnan, not even a dog would have glanced at their house. Grow up man, only a dog can comment like this.

The latest is BJP vice President Mukhtar ‘some’ Naqvi saying that women who protest on streets wearing lipstick and powders are influenced by the West. Wow, at least they are the way they are, not hypocrites like you who is a black sheep dressed in white. naqvi, does your wife remove lipstick to seem real when she is upset? Well, we don’t do that for we are not acting.

I just have one question for these politicians. How many of you send your sons and daughters to join the armed forces or join an NGO for social causes? Speak only when you understand what suffering is…………..till then silence should be your best weapon.


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