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Being Mommy

Today the MLS had to enact the role of a mother to two boys in a small skit. We were quite excited about drapping her in a saree, putting some make up, and the works. She was most excited about putting the nail paint as she loves colour on her nails. She was quite worried when I put on lipstick. She said now it won’t go away and how it’s going to take too long and that she is going to drink loads of water so that its wiped away instantly.

Anyway’s the performance in school was on monsoons and all the kiddies dressed in myraid hues just added to the beautiful day. The proud parents sat is hushed silence even as each performance was enacted. MLS was a rockstar with no stage fright. Some wept, some forgot their lines and some shined. MLS belonged to the last category.

She walked in the saree like a pro and wanted to hold her pallu in her arm just as some socialities do. But good sense prevailed and she realised she wouldn’t be able to do any actions if she went like that. The girl surely knows her fashion and didn’t want kajal in her eyes as she said it will make her eyes all black.

So some performance it was, and there are now many more to come.


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Come, my friend

Well, that’s what she called her dad one day.

And her other friends are the stray dogs and ants. If a stray is outside our house, MLS promptly would want to feed the dog. She would coax me into taking out a bowl of milk and bread. She would the feed the stray to its heart’s content and would keep on patting the animal in a matronly fashion. The other day a she saw a spider spinning its web around an ant and came running to her dad, “help my friend”, “who spider ant ko kha raha hai”. She couldn’t rest till the time the said spider was shoved away.

Hours pass into days, days into months and months into years. MLS is already 3 years and two months. In a couple of months we will go through the biggest trauma of her schooling years—the big bad world of nursery admissions. In Delhi, it is scenario which gives every parent of three-year-old sleepless nights. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to cross this hurdle with ease.

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New year

Ahhhhhhh, already 10 days has passed into the new year and mama has still not written a word. Sorry, MLS. Let me do a quick recap of whatever you ahve been upto these past couple of days, weeks and months.

1. You have really become a BIG girl, telling mama that “bhoot-voot koi nahiin hota mama, woh hamar khoon nahi lega”. now is it the school or the maid or the endless crappy TV prog that you watch that made you come up with bhoot and all….only bhoot knows.

2. Chotta Bheem, an animated modern day bheem series on Tv remains your fav prog on TV. So much so, that when your dad asked you help the other day you plainly said, “madaat toh bheem karta hai, papa.”

3. your fav movies happen to be Jab We met, ghajini and whatever aamir khan does, be it aallll izzzz wellll or his advertisments on TV. shahid kapur is called Nagada and Aamir is referred to as ‘meri adhoori’.

4. Now you no longer wants to go to your playschool. you keep repeating that you want to go to a big school in a big bus.

5. Your fav activities are cooking, cleaning, putting your dool to sleep, playing hide and seek and being a teacher.

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An open letter

Dear MLS,

Yoday was you first Parent teacher Meeting. Both hubs and I went for the day, reaching the school well in time and waiting patiently to hear what your antics are. It is a matter of concern to know how badly you behave in school, whether you bully other kids and what would be the teacher’s pet peeves.

But nothing of that sort happened. Your teacher was all praises for you. She said you are the most confident and intelligent child in the school. Now I don’t whether she says this to every parent or she actually meant what she said, we swelled in pride. No we didn’t take pride in the above-mentioned quality of yours but in the fact that you are well-behaved, you are assertive and not shy to express your needs. The teacher also said that you are most entertaining kid in the class and often you take over the teacher’s role. Often you are teaching kids alphabets and counting.

It was our first PTM, a beginning of many more such endless PTMs as you grow up and move on in life. But I must tell you, my little 30-month-old kiddie, you are a darling and mama is so proud of you. You are such a precious treasure.

Everyday with you is a God’s blessing. This phase of motherhood has so far been the most cherishing and wonderful. Here, you are able to tell me your likes and dislikes. You are able to judge us and you know when we are cross with you and you really know how to snuggle up to us after your misdeeds. You keep us occupied with your thoughts, actions, rhymes and other careful observations. I already feel that you are growing too soon too fast. And already, I dread those days when a oh-so-serious primary school kid will overtake this cherubic toddler.

I send out silent prayer, thanking God, for giving me the most precious gift of my life. Everything else is so pale.

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The non-negotiable schedule

How important is it to set a routine for a two-and-a-half year old? Well, I really don’t know. While my Miss Little Sunshine is at her perkiest best at night and not so much of an early riser, sending her to her playway has become a struggle every day. Now, Delhi has woken up to winters and making her wake up even at 8.30am is a task. Then getting her ready for her school is just too much of a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Constantly, I am threatening her that she will miss her van so that she opens her eyes. At the end of it, I am completely stressed out.

Now, it is a task making her go to bed by 10pm which I think is the ideal time for her to sleep. So we all have to be packed for the day as she refuses to sleep if even one of us stays awake. Then, while in bed, she loves reciting her poems. The poor girl is threatened that if she doesn’t shut her mouth and sleep she will not be able to go to school the next day. Now that is something which works coz come hell or high tide, she would not like to miss her school. The poor MLS struggles hard to sleep, settling in different positions so that sleep comes her way.

How do you put a toddler into a schedule? She had almost fallen into a routine when last week we went out of town for a wedding. This made her schedule go completely haywire. How do you make children understand the concept of time? Or is it too much to ask for from a toddler?

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Notes from Sunshine land

Little Miss Sunshine is growing too fast and too soon. She is such a darling. The playway ahs been doing a lot of good to her. She now wants to go to school everyday, even on a Sunday. I wonder how long it would last.

#Last week, she had her first fancy dress competition. She was dressed as a kite and she recited a poem on ‘patang’ (kite) with cute actions.

#Already her favourite activity is role play. She has mastered the art of being a teacher to the extent she even scolds kids, takes a break to go and drink water and continues her teaching activity. Her She teaches counting 1 to 25 in loud, high-pitched voice along with accompanying clap. Imitating her class teacher.

#Already she has two friends, Kabir and Vanshikha, in school.

#She has mastered her poems with actions, knows counting till 25 but misses 16 and 22.

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Empty nest syndrome

yes, the first steps towards an empty nest were taken today. Little Miss Sunshine, all of 2.3 went to her playway today. My little girl has already stepped out of the home and mama returned with a heavy heart.

the day started with hectic activity, what with the husb being out of town and yours truly left to get a toddler ready for her first big day. At 9.00 am we were ready to go, with mama showing a strong face though she was crumbling inside. The pickup cab arrived and MLS was duly seated inside and she kept saying “Mama,aap bhi chalo” and she had this puzzled expression on her face while the door of the cab was being shut. It was like a million questions crossed her mind , “where is my mama sending me”? and Mama returned to an empty house that was devoid of the chitter-chatter. And then I cried and cried bucketloads. I don’t understand what is it with being a momma? Are we mothers so weak when it comes to the spawn of our womb? I called my mom and had a heart-on-heart.

decided to work from home as anxious mama would have fainted if she had not seen MLS while returning from school. At 12.45, MLS was duly dropped and she was all smiling and beaming, saying she wants to go to school tommorow. Ahhhhh…..what a relief. So much tears were shed on the girl who came back to tell me she has lots of friends in school, etc.

And soon this lil birdie will fly out of the nest……..

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