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A helping hand

My Miss Little Sunshine loves helping out. A recently acquired trait, this 16-month-old is ever ready with an expression I-can-do-it-for-you. SO today she was feeding me breakfast. It is another matter that the floor was the recipient of half the food. She insists on dusting and scrubbing the floor. Give her a piece of cloth and she will roam around the house wiping tables and scrubbing floor. Also, when we finish our food, she takes our plates and hands it over to the maid in the kitchen. Also, will fetch a thing or two if she understands what we are asking for. Her vocabulary seems to be improving and now she speaks sentences using 3-4 words.
She identifies our phones, car keys and almost everything that we usually carry around. So mama’s bag is handed over to me only, if her dad’s cellphone is ringing she will run and fetch it for him. She will not hand me the phone. Also, since he drives car keys are his not mine 😦
And anyone who disappears from her eyesight has gone to ophice (office). Be it her dad or the dog on the street. Even dogs go to office!!!!.


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