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The Big Brother is watching

Statutory warning for Women: Wearing Western clothes and going to a pub can be injurious to your health. Not only will you pushed around but your brother would also be assaulting your modesty in the name of restoring Indian values.

Yes, the big brother is watching and you better behave. For neither are you allowed to dress in modern wear nor are you allowed the liberty of choice. You have no freedom to make your own choices as the custodians of your morality are doing the job for you. There is a new Sena out there, who insist that they are just like brothers, trying to protect their sisters from bad influences. We are honoured God, for sending this modern Vanar Sena for had it not been for them, we the dimwits, wouldn’t have known how to dress, where to go and what to drink. That our Goddess Kali drinks blood and we dimwits only have a few vodka shots is abhorred by our brothers in the Sena. Earlier we had just one Sena, now we have two more to protect us. Blessed are the women of the land who have men who will assault them to teach them about values and culture. Ram Sena, Shiv Sena or Navnirman Sena… they are all ready for us. Let us send them to the border so that the real sena can get a break. I must stop here, for the Big Brother will watch what I am writing.

Last heard, this particular Sena is threatening to call a Bandh if their leader is not released from jail. Won’t it be better to ban you guys than tolerate your nonsense, you good for nothing MCPs alias perverts alias creepy crawlies.


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