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A 20-month update

At 20 months, the Sunshine prances around the house keeping herself occupied. AT times she is busy feeding her gudiya, giving her a massage or cooking for her. Then there are times when the bookworm in her makes resurgence and she is glued to her book for a pretty long time. She doesn’t love me reading out to her and likes to explore her books on her own. We have got her basic colour books and the girl somewhat identifies two-three colours at times. She has also started dabbling with crayons preparing her own modern art.


She has started going up the stairs all by herself and hates any help. Her yells can wake a dead man from his grave, the girl screams like hell. God, if I go deaf soon, you know whom to blame. Her favourite activity is throwing things up and high and she marvels at their falling. Gravity amuses her to no end.


Her poem repertory includes Johnny, Johnny, Twinkle, Twinkle and a Hindi poem. Counting she has mastered till 10 and alphabets we are still stuck at F because after that the girlie just says Aiyo. Her eating habits have improved and she loves to eat whatever we are having. Her favourites remain milk, soup, grapes and roti/ parantha (yes, in the same order).


She speaks almost at ease in Hindi. Malyalam and English she understands pretty well. She doesn’t say much in English except for the customary wishes and some proper nouns.


Though the post is three days overdue, nevertheless, A very happy 20th month B’day my Miss Little Sunshine.


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An 18 month update

It’s a belated post. I have been delaying it for some time and today I knew I just had to get it out of the system. Okay My Miss Little Sunshine at 18 months has turned into the naughtiest child I have ever known. Not that my kitty of toddlers is large, yet her aggressiveness and temper tantrums make me wonder where has that docile child of mine gone? She is now becoming a bully to the core and does not mind being nasty too. I and the hubs always think that has the time come for us to visit a counsellor. She is a brat at times and an angel in the next second. She would promptly plant a kiss on my cheek and say “shorrrrrrrrryyyy” if she knows one of us is upset with her. The child surely knows how to make us dance to her tunes, without us even realizing her clever act.


She has been weaned completely. Her night time feeds are over and now ven if she wakes up at night, some duitful patting comforts her. Now the task is to shift from her feeding bottle to a cup.


The milestones include screaming, running, hitting and an addition of new words in her dictionary. She is a chatterbox who will take just 10 minutes before opening up in front of a stranger. She will happily go off with any uncle or aunty who is a little friendly with her. She likes to walk in mamma’s shoes and would also like to pick a handbag and strut across the room.


My Miss Little Sunshine has made me realise how to enjoy giving her a shower even as I have an excruciating back pain. It has also made me know that I have oodles of patience and the God’s biggest blessing is my Sunshine to me.

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