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My Miss Little Sunshine

I thank my life….

When I hold you in my arms.

When I see your gooey smile.

When you ask me to lift you so that you can rest your head on my shoulder.

When I see you sleep peacefully besides me like a fairy.

When you gently press those tiny lips on my cheek.

When you say words to impress me and make me happy.

I am extremely mad at you …

When you act as a notorious bully.

When you throw your food on bed, carpet, sofa

When you rub your food-smeared hands on my office wear.

When you empty my bag and attempt at tearing a page or two from a book.

When you throw a tantrum and wail inconsolably

When under all these situations I am still left helpless loving you more, my child.

The best moments in my life are…

When we take a walk, me pointing you to flowers, moon and stars.

When you have a bath with your dad so that I can finish reading newspaper.

When we walk together with you holding your hands.

When you feed me your food, carefully putting the spoon in my mouth (It’s another matter that usually its the carpet or the bed that gets the food eventually).

When you diligently repeat every word that I tell you.

When you make an innocent face, looking down when I am yelling at you for a prank.


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